9 FOREIGNERS attack friend in Luxy 3 AM. Hospitalized

Last night 1 foreigner + 8 of his foreign friends attacked an Indian Male (23) in Luxy at 3 A.M.

Conversation surrounded about a mutual friend of mine as well as the Indian Male.

Conversation preceded as such.

Foreigner: Blah Blah
Indian Male: He was a f**king idiot because he got himself arrested
Foreigner’s friend: He’s my Homie

9 Foreigners proceeded to gangbang him to the ground in an alley behind Luxy where there was “apparently” no CCTV.
Police was not called to the scene. Male went home and currently hospitalized with concussion, severe lacerations on the wrist & general discomfort.

Please. If you have any information on the names/whereabouts of the attackers, let me know.
Any advice is much appreciated. Victim is currently on a student visa in Taiwan.

Horrible, sorry to hear about this. I’ve always found Taipei’s night life to be generally free of this kind of nonsense and people only got beat by the local thugs if they were well out of hand. Judging by the age (very young 21) and the locale (a magnet for douchebaggery) I guess the kind of nonsensical alcohol related violence I used to witness back home in my early twenties might be festering now here in the previously violence-lite Taiwan. Pity.

I just don’t understand how these foreigners can 1) have the balls to do it, and 2) have the indecency of gang banging 9-1.

Might want to consider changing ‘gang-banging’…

Youth+adrenaline+alcohol+ego+poor decision making+insecurity

Wait a sec. Was he beaten or was he raped?!?! O_o

Maybe they were Taiwanese who only looked like foreigners.

WOT?!? :smiley:

Ok he was just beaten really bad.

WOT? They were distinctly white. American Accents

Hope he recovers. And learns to watch what he says around strangers.

I saw a white guy hit another white guy over the head with a beer bottle once. But the weird thing was the guy who got hit didnt feel a thing and wasnt even fazed.

Guess the Heineken bottles are easily shattered?

I didn’t stay around to watch what happened next. I pulled my Gf out of there in a hurry.

Wait, the foreigners are from where? Did 9 Taiwanese attack an Indian, or 9 non-taiwanese attack an Indian?

Not sure from where, but they might have graduated from TAS. They are Foreign, most likely AMERICANS judging by the accent.

Not sure from where, but they might have graduated from TAS. They are Foreign, most likely Americans judging by the accent.[/quote]

If you aren’t counting halfies, it’d be tough to put together a gaggle of 9 white TAS grads in their early twenties. A few years back (I think the night Obama won his first election) some white dude got jumped by two Americans outside a now closed bar, they beat him and stabbed him repeatedly with a broken bottle and the guy was within an inch of his life. Fearing their own life, these two Americans (who were students) fled back to the States.

Is it the violent video games? The gangsta rap? Or just insufferable douchebags whose egos are so inflated they can’t bear to hear a discouraging word? I think it is the third, which is why we need to start beating kids again, need to let bullies do their work (bullies are assholes, but at least they expose themselves and eventually pay their debt to society via shaming later in their childhood) and shaming the morons. Society has gone soft and now young people are all thugged out. American football, rugby or hockey should be mandatory for any school-aged boy so they can get their aggression out and learn true physical discipline.

These little twenty something fucks were probably coddled little bitches who thought the world of themselves. Nowadays everyone is right and everyone is a winner and that is just plain wrong because in the end we all end up losing.

Sorry about your friend, but what’s with the derogatory use of foreigner and American?

Also, who on Earth still says homie?

Apologies, but I’m not trying to be derogatory in any way. I’m simply relaying information out there from what happened.
The attackers were white 100% (all 9 of them) and had American accents, who graduated/are affiliated with Taipei American School in their early twenties. The title also says ‘Foreigners’ not Americans per se.

Sure, but you use all caps for both those words, and you separate your friend as a foreigner, which kind of reads badly… to me anyway. I just think “9 guys attack friend” would have been a better choice, but whatever. Don’t wanna cause an issue.

Hope everything gets figured out and your friend makes a full recovery. I’ve honestly never heard of anything like this happening before, and I really hope it’s not something that will happen again. I’ve always thought of Taiwan as one of the safest places to be, so it makes it even more terrible to hear.

Honestly, my advice would be to talk to other businesses in the area about CCTV cameras, not Luxy, who would have an interest in keeping everything quiet. I’m not too familiar with the place, but surely there’s a convenience store nearby, right? They always have cameras, but you might have to sweet talk them to get access to them.

Nobody thought to call the police? They have cams everywhere. The nine could’ve been picked up on cams in 7/11s or other places. They may have gone to Luxy together?

They can be found.

Best you not take the law into your own hands and go looking for them with baseball bats. Because then the law will be looking for YOU.

IF they are TAS students or recent grads, it won’t be that hard to track down a gang of nine.

IF the guy that was beat up was Taiwanse, you can bet your ass they would be found. Either by the police or by gangsters (if the kid was connected, and most know someone who is).

If that’s the case, they’ve been here a lot longer than you and probably know a lot more people. Police +1. And since the police are generally considered not very good at their jobs (see other posts on this board), follow up thoroughly and often.

Does he even remember what happened? Or was he drunk like everyone else at 3am and probably doesn’t remember exactly what happened. If 9 guys beat him up, then he would probably be a lot worse. Maybe only one guy beat him up, but he remembers seeing a bunch guys before that in the bar. How did the number 9 come up? Who counts numbers of people at 3am?

Lets hear the full story from him as he remembers and anyone else that was there.

Did that make the news or even forumosa?
I have no recollection of it.
What was the motive?


He said he was “gangbanged on the floor”!!! :smiley: