A Favour from Forumosa - Campaign Materials

Hello fellow Forumosans living in Taiwan. I have an odd request for you. As campaign season ramps up here in the Great Nation of Taiwan Numba 1, I am in the process of collecting as many campaign materials/flyers/souvenirs from as many as possible. Obviously I can’t physically travel the entire country going to every parliamentary candidate to ask for materials, so I ask those who receive one on the street or otherwise pick one up to keep it and PM me for details. I will be highly appreciative.

The reasoning behind this, is that I’d like to send them out to a guy on YouTube who likes to talk politics and what better way to promote Taiwan and its democracy to 200000 more people than for the YouTubers to talk about Taiwan’s democracy. Having something tangible helps the realism over just internet pictures.

Here is what I am looking for:
Campaign flyers for president and parliamentary candidates from your area.
Souvenirs from campaign rallies.
Those fans, wet wipes, knick knacks and serviettes that they give out on the street.
Materials from all parties. Want this to be fair.

So don’t throw them away! PM me and we’ll work out details and on how to pick them up.

Your help is appreciated.


Lets start fundraising to send this man a poledancer on a farm truck.

Will keep an eye out for other interesting things here.


Well…he’s gay.

That kind of interesting thing is more of an ‘all-year’ thing. Primarily looking to start with Taiwan’s democracy. Especially with public opinion of China at an all time low.

So, even if it was given or seen in election related gathering, if we can see it all year, you don’t need it?

The pole dancer? Or the truck driver?

no no no. showing off the pole dancer stuff is available all year round.

Elections only happen once every four years.

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The Youtuber, so I don’t think seeing the female pole dancers is up his alley anyways.

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There should be male pole dancers! Female and gay spirits should be pleased. Equality!!!

I will try to get something with the picture of the young thing running for Xindian councillor. Baby faced 20 something. Now that is idealistic. If I was like 30 years younger…well, at least Taiwanese, so I could vote for him.


I would appreciate that. I might post a list of campaign office addresses later on as I find them.

Was referring to the pole dancing on trucks for the polital car parades they always do. The ktv style singing. Sometimes they even get on stage and excercise. Theae are more events that would be recorded not so much items that are given out. But i find quite uniquely Taiwanese somehow.

Right. And I can absolutely offer that as a suggestion for another video. But he really likes politics, and it’s campaign season right now. First I need to build more rapport, then suggest coming to the country.

Safe to assume non english material is useful? Lots if the the political print uses english as fashion if at all. Mandarin cool?

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Yes. I feel that it would be more interesting if they’re in Chinese. Absolutely. I can certainly write a brief summary on them or something. It’s 10-20 minutes of video so things will inevitably be skimmed.

This is one of mine from years ago. Another friend wanted to see a few to see what TW democracy looked like. I kept one for myself. I was in Canada at the time and found it when going through my old stuff.

But not a convoy of 60(?) trucks with pole dancers at a VIP funeral. Just sayin’.

Thought last night I would score a Ko Wen-je balloon. Alas, the balloon was just a prop, they were giving out the usual paper napkins.

That is DEFINITELY a really cool thing. Please post more pictures here if you can and I’ll try to snag one from party headquarters if you aren’t willing to part with this one.

We got our professional team of photographers doing our work stuff so feel free to use whatever I take, as 1. I asked permission from the person and 2. I am not posting this on social media unless there is a cat/dog involved.

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Oh oh! I thought you meant you actually attained the balloon.

I’ll do my best. Not this time, but you never know.

The one I will definitely try to score is an Ah Tsai plushie. I couldn’t last time, they sold out. Oh, and the DPP Headquarters has this anime vibe.

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