A Favour from Forumosa - Campaign Materials

that is hilarious!

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They’re not. Whacking someone with one would be annoying at most. They’re pretty soft.

Looks like the DPPers won.

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Excellent! Those are hard to get!

That’s all I can pass along for now. Actual flyer went into the recycling.

I guess getting in strife with upstairs neighbors is like invading Russia in a land war in winter


Here’s a nice poster for Hong Hsiu-chu…

“Sister Chu Chu will protect traditional family values
Oppose artificial gays
Oppose inappropriate sex education”

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Another anti-gay campaign ad…

“Can you stomach images like these? Don’t teach kids to become homosexuals.”

Holy shit. That’s really…awful.

She’s vice chair of the 中華婦女黨.

That looks like it’s a Dadu Bus.

Another angle.

The Tsai Ing-wen doll is cute, where did you get it?

Campaign rally at Banciao high school. You can also check the DPP Headquarters 30 Beiping East Road, Taipei.

Campaign rally tomorrow in Banciao again. Xibei Park

Want it? It got rained on. So not great shape.

Have a few things can mail together.

Finally got a pen…for our local blue candidate but hey, it’s a pen!

Why are you excited for getting a pen? Is there none in your office?

That’s vote buying!