A Good Wife

OK. I’m not a woman, so I can’t put this on the women’s forum. But I try to be in touch with my feminine side. You know.

Check this out:

50 years ago… In a galaxy far far away…

Wow, I mastered ‘beer’ in Chinese already…

I’m showing that article to my wife. If nobody hears from me within a day, call the cops.

… or check for you in your kitchen, where you’ll be “catering for [HER] comfort, which will provide you with immense personal satisfaction”. And always remember to speak in a “low, soothing and pleasant voice”, of course!

They forgot “barefoot and pregnant.”

“Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him” ? :astonished:

Flickme wrote: [quote]“Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him” :astonished: ? [/quote]

Fifty years too late, ah sunshine?? :slight_smile:

Uh Maoman, aren’t you supposed to pre-arrange the safety call/check-in before you show her this? :astonished:

I can’t be sure but it sure looks to me like little billy is exposing his little willy… And with mom right there!

Found an interesting article about this “good wife’s guide” at snopes.com.

Where does it mention sex-on-demand and blow-jobs ? Not much of a guide if you ask me tee hee

Wow, alot of that list has things I expect from a man. Everyday cook for her a good meal when you get back home; try to look good for your lady - put a little gel on your hair and make it look sexy; Listen to her and try to understand her world; make the evening hers, make her comfortable and serve her tea and massage her feet; ensure your home is a place of peace and don’t disturb by turning on sports on tv if it disturbs her. Remember she is the master of the house.

Nice list. How things have changed - this is also “how to be a good man’s guide”!

I propose you lot all go see The Stepford Wives immediately to continue the fantasy :slight_smile:

What does it mean when there’s a woman in your living room?
Chain’s too long.

OK, enough humouring, gentlemen - get back into the kitchen and BRING ME SOME PIE!

Remembering the words of a wise man, he often said,

“Boys will be boys. Girls will be girls. If you’re bad, name it after me :smiley:”.

Dropping the last sentence, I would say now that it’s:

“Boys will be boys. Girls will be boys and girls.”

Such is the state of affairs.

You knwo the really whacked thing is that all this stuff is in one way or another in all women’s magazines in the 21st century. I grew up reading Cosmopolitan and women’s magazines and I saw it month after month year after year. Everything listed in that article.

So before we dismiss it as an outdated anachronism, I suggest you take a look at what is really in women’s magazines these days.

In touch with his feminine side,

Great article! I posted it on our refrigerator.

Those were the days!

I can’t fault a single word of such wise and well-intentioned guidelines, except to add that she should make sure to put aside some time each day for reading up on matters of interest to him so that she can understand and reply intelligently to his comments on worldly affairs.

to sum up


A dog, a wife, and a chestnut tree
The more you beat them, the better they be

Omitted from the article:

  • Get your ass back in the kitchen. Now.

As for the guys who are posting this in places where their girlfriends and wives can see it, well…it’s been nice knowing you.

Maybe if some of these tactics were used, there might be a possiblity of the lowering of divorce rates…Now, which ones to be used, oh that’s as debatable as prayer in school…