A month of Keto

After my recent arm injury, and a decrease in both general activity after being placed at a desk job for the next six months, and generally not exercising as much, I have broke what I call my “danger weight” of 230lbs, and officially entered fat-bastard territory.

Motivated somewhat by the successes that some of you have had with Keto, and by my own past success with Keto (I made it down to 190lbs for about 6 months, when I was 37), it is time for drastic measures. So for accountability sake, I thought I would include you all in my month of misery. I have done this before, and have had excellent results. My minimum goal is to get down to 220lbs, with a really lofty high goal of 210lbs.

I know that often Keto type diets result in a fair amount of water-weigjt loss, so the above goals are for after I return to more regular eating patterns.

And of course, anyone who wants to join is welcome!!!

For me, start date is tomorrow, Thursday August 29, final day weigh in, October 1.


Good for you.

I saw a video of a guy who did 200 pushups a day for 30 days. I started doing that, not 200 mind you, but what I could do without hurting my back. I’m about a month in and I feel the difference and I’ve dropped a cup size. :grimacing:


Awesome work on the pushups! I only wish I could do any pushups right now!

I have done this before with HITT type interval workouts and weights. The problem I have right now is that I can only lift 2 lbs with my left arm. Mind you, that is better than 0lbs a month ago!

Where there’s a will there’s a way. lol


Ha! Awesome. I would just have a huge right side, and a little T-rex left side.

I’ve never done a diet as such, but I have tried to minimise carbs and eat smaller portions. To the point where I’m always a bit hungry. It’s worked for me.

Keto changed my life. I’ve never dieted but just tried to eat healthy. Decided to try keto and health and mental awareness changed.

Pick and adjust your ratios and supplement right nutrients to avoid keto-flu.

I’m interested. How tall are you to put your weight in perspective

Can anyone suggest a good keto diet in Taiwan that won’t break the bank?

Sure I can eat nothing but chicken, beef, salads, etc. all the time with no rice, noodle, etc. (in fact I prefer that), but it sounds expensive.

That is a good question

Broccoli is cheap.

That’s not really keto, it’s too high in protein. Keto is moderate protein, high fat, low carb.

Eggs are a complete protein, each with a starter pack of high quality fat thrown in. If you shop at Costco you can pick up a quart of Arla whipping cream and whisk a couple tablespoons into scrambled eggs. Sauté a clove of garlic, some little red peppers, and some onion (or a stalk of green onion) in two tablespoons of butter until the onions turn opaque, pour in the egg/cream mixture, and presto you have keto scrambled eggs about a minute later. Total cost roughly $20.

You can switch things up by adding ~150g ground pork or ground beef or ground chicken to fry into the onion/garlic/pepper part. Season with cumin or chili or just salt/pepper and let it brown. Add egg/crream mix and presto you have a keto meal in roughly a minute.

Kimchi is a keto food, too (as long as no added sugar).

And then just use your imagination. Use other oils, other ingredients, maybe fish, some greens. Just make sure ~70% of calories come from fat.

$20 US? That’s actually pretty steep.

I live next to a Costco. Honestly I really want to try keto, I just couldn’t afford to because flour/rice based food is cheap.

So the second recipe sounds like some kind of a chili. Are beans full of carb?

Yeah, I think it’s the way to go, too. And the mental boost is welcome, too.

By the way, if you’re a coffee drinker you might check out the latest trend out of California, Laird Hamilton coffee. I saw that Rogan served it to Dan Crenshaw. It works for me, too.

Hamilton is hustling his Superfood Creamer, no thanks. Into a normal cup of coffee, just stir a quarter teaspoon of turmeric, a quarter that amount of cinnamon, and 5-10 tiny flakes of black pepper along with 1-2 tablespoons of Arla whipping cream (or coconut oil if you like). Zero cal sweetener if you must. Result is striking.

nt$20 per meal. Four eggs at a pop.

You can just google the carb content of commons foods. There’s a list at the link.

I should try this, though I wonder what about just bacon and eggs? Without the orange juice of course (I’m wondering what can we use for that that isn’t full of carbs?)

Too high in protein. Here is what you’re shooting for.

Also, check out this guy for keto recipes. Bonus is that it’s fun to watch an Indian who’s a huge fan of metal, and who’s a little quirky.

5’11" or so (180cm), and I was 233lbs with my weigh in 3 days ago. I am going to do a weigh in with measurements (chest, belly, waist) tomorrow morning upon waking up.

Full accountability. I want to see how this goes.

What are your take on meat loaf? Would that be keto friendly?

I realize they have bread crumbs in it, maybe it’s to keep it from falling apart. What else can I use in place of that?

I’ve been also thinking about trying it. Although Italy is not the easiest place for it. My recent medical issues has me cutting carbs. It kind of sucks because I still get so hungry and eat so much. I’ve also not been able to go to the gym on doctors orders. So I’ve been losing some muscle mass and getting just a bit more fat. Lost 3kg so far in about a month. A lot from a week of hospital food.