A New Low ~ Preschool Suspected of Drugging Pupils

Unbelieveable, that “teachers” would do this and that the fine is so low if they did.


How does shit like this keep happening?

Schools do obviously shady stuff like drugging, beating, and violently punishing students, and not a single employee says “this isn’t right” and reports it. It’s infuriating.


According to the bureau, if the charges are found to be true, the accused teachers will be punished. If they are found to have breached the Statute for Preschool Educators (教保服務人員條例), they could face a maximum fine of NT$600,000 and a lifetime ban on serving as a teacher, reported UDN.

So the buck stops there. Does this mean the laoban is immune to their employees’ misconduct? Might be a good time to piece the corporate veil, highly unlikely the employees would have the gumption and initiiative to carry out such an operation. But then again, who knows?


After conducting a search on May 18…The New Taipei City District Prosector’s Office then ordered the Haishan Precinct to launch a second wave of searches at 6 a.m. on Thursday morning (June 8).

So basically the school and teachers were given 3 weeks to dispose of all evidence.

All the blame will be put on the 1 teacher who’s been arrested, everyone will deny knowing what was happening, case closed. Maddening.


Close for now. Fire one teacher. Open again in august under a different name.


Tests found trace amounts of barbiturate in 8 kids. Hopefully they are not getting away this time.


Do this to my child and I break your legs.


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I am not allowed to bring ham sandwich from airport to Taiwan, but everyone who has 5 minutes can run a kindergarten in Taiwan.

Should do better regulations, finally invest money in youth and infrastructure for kids.

Taiwanese government showed on multiple occasions they are able to come up and enforce strict regulations, when they want


WTF. Seriously.

According to the Chinese article:

  • The school has already shut down. The owner didn’t renew the lease, so it was due to shut at the end of July - but due to this incident they’ve closed early.
  • The students told their parents they were being given unknown drugs/medicine at school.
  • They’re now testing the rest of the students for drug traces.

Can’t even drug kindy kids anymore. Honestly, I’m so sick of this woke shit.


What is the point of having kids or teaching if you don’t like kids? :face_exhaling:


I’m guessing that their post-lunch naptime extended a longer than the other schools


That’s convenient. A successful school let their rental contract run down to the last few months and was shutting down anyway. I bet the new school will even hire some of the old teachers. The good ones that didn’t drug the kids because that was definitely just one bad apple.

Did they cover up the T-shirts of the characters on the sign so people wouldn’t know which school it was?

But left one?


Typical Taiwan, the blame is always shifted to the lowest level patsy they can find.


Everything is thanks to the laoban, until something goes wrong.


Because they have no moral courage. I don’t care if a person’s livelihood depends on it, if you see child abuse f …ing do something.


man…If this is true, indeed! multi decade jail sentences should be handed out. Need evidence, also disagree with heavy handed sentences to innocent people.
I had to leave the teaching industry because of such abuses. Not because bosses and teachers abused the kids, but because official channels did fuck all about it. that level of hopelessness really gave me serious depression for over a decade. the legal systems still have their priorities absolutely fucking backwards. and when it comes to kids and more or less blank slates, it is a level of sad beyond watching puppies turned into sausages. bad example, but on point nonetheless.


I haven’t worked in schools with this level of crazy shit, but I will say I have seen some dangerous AF poopoo going on in schools here, reported it, was assured by the appropriate government body it wasn’t happening, provided photo and video evidence, was further assured it wasn’t happening, further pressed the issue, and was eventually told (after 15 or so attempts) they would no longer accept any reports against the school. So yeah. I’m always surprised when this sort of stuff comes out because it means someone with a lot of connections had more connections than the school, which pretty much never happens.