A North Korea thread


when Obama said that gaddafi first and assad second had to be removed, did it turn out well for them? Did his speech give them power within their country? Was their regime solidified?

One is a corpse, the other one is the leader of a country at the center of a civil war that has been going on for years and no one knows how long it will last.

So the:" threatening Kim gives him power because Trump is st00pid!" argument leaves a lot to be desired.


Syria and Libya alone was reason enough to reject Clinton, perhaps one of the worst atrocities of all time.

Then to think, tanks were rolling in to Poland, Clinton wanted a no fly zone in Syria which would ignite a war with Russia. I wake up every morning thankful we are not on a Clinton Presidency timeline.


Those didn’t turn out well for anybody.

Even when they tried to do the right thing, Il Douche and Bubbette managed to screw it up. Everything they touched turned to shit.

But then, US foreign policy has been poisoned by misplaced sentiment ever since Korean War I. Wishful thinking leads to conflicted motives, which lead to self-guessing, which leads to doing a half-assed job everywhere you go. The United Nations embodies this fundamental error.

I saw an argument somewhere that the US actually accomplished its objective in Vietnam. You can declare almost anything a victory if you define victory down enough. But the facts on the ground are still damn ugly.


Even if you don’t like what Clinton did, what gives you hope that Trump will deal with North Korea in a better way? I have zero hope he will. My only hope is that he is out of office before he tries to “fix the problem.”


Who likes what Obama/Hillary did in Libya and Sirya? Is there anyone who’s actually willing to say in public:“Oh yeay, Obama and friends handled those issues masterfully, those countries are in a much better situation now than they were 8 years ago” ? It was a clusterfuck that left two countries in a total mess and created the whole migrant crisis for the Eu. It’s not a matter of “IF you don’t like what O&C did”; NO ONE should give any support to what the Usa did in Libya and Sirya.

With that in mind, the odds that Trump will handle the NK issue in a worse way are next to 0. NK is a timebomb because it is bound to run out of money and resources, and when that happens their only solution will be the use of force. Like any respectable socialist/communist regime, all the money is funnelled into the army in order to keep the generals loyal to the leader and avoid a revolution, while the population is basically starved. It’s only a matter of how many people in the army would be 100% behind him in case of war; if enough chicken out/betray him, then the whole regime may simply collapse.

Acting against NK is necessary, while Libya and Sirya were not. People may dislike Gaddafi and Assad, but those countries posed no threat to others. You don’t topple governments because the leader doesn’t want to give you cheap oil, you do it when a country is running out of food and has nuclear weapons.


Yeah, I can think of very few ways of making the NK situation worse.

Besides, Kim the Squishier finding himself up against an opponent who appears nearly as fanatical and erratic as he is himself has got to be a good thing. I honestly don’t think it’s the business of the US to sort out NK - the Chinese are far better placed to do so - but Trump does seem to be responding to Kim’s nonsense with equivalent nonsense, and I reckon that’s giving him pause for thought (or whatever passes for thought in that ovoid blob on his shoulders).

Maybe Trump should challenge him to a duel. Anybody remember this?


You are asking what gives me hope Trump will handle NK any better than how Syria and Libya were handled? I posted a link which breaks it down in detail, I’m not sure if he will actually pull it off, but I put the chances quite a bit higher than 0%.

You should read it, there are very few sites or news agencies that are prop Trump and these guys have been on board since day one of his announcement to run for President and they been right about pretty much everything since then (while the MSM and everyone else has been wrong about pretty much everything). While you were predicting Clinton vs Bush, they were for Trump. When you were giving him zero chance against Clinton, they still had him as the winner.


Would be nice if Trump could pull of some kind of deal with China and not totally destroy North Korea.


Try reading the article hannes, according to their theory, China gets to get all the credit for a deal. They come out smelling of roses, even if trump doesn’t.


Are you saying you care what happens to North Korea?


Are you saying you don’t care?


Screw those bastards. Seriously. We’re talking comic book levels of evil. Bury the whole damn ruling class in their bunkers. Do they deserve better?


What’s this? A country where the ruling class is 100% of the population? :astonished: :rainbow:

And you say communism doesn’t work! :smile:

Seriously, wars tend to have regional effects. Why anyone living on that long and narrow island known as Chinese Taipei would root for a war in the region is a puzzling question.

Also, you claim to be a religious man. What are your thoughts on Genesis 18:23 to 32?


Believe me, I tried. Just reminded me why I don’t follow right-wing media.The sucking up to President Trump is unbearable. Even if you like his policies, “President Trump thinks seriously long-term, and really BIG picture.” Seriously? Who writes this crap?


I kept pushing because I knew that was your answer. I go off and read the Huffington post, the new York times and a bunch of other stuff that I dont think is close to the mark. I want to read what “the other side” has to say, more so than views that conform to my own thinking.

Only read what you want to read and you end up in an echo chamber my friend. And its an echo chamber that has been wrong on quite a lot of late.


It’s the counterpart to the people who spent 8 years explaining how Obama was the second coming of Christ and everything he did made the world a better place.


:roll: :idunno:


One more:


That was fun xD

Is it an accurate representation of what Californians are wishing for when they talk about independence ?


If it is the counterpart of something you don’t like, isn’t it equally wrong, just on the other side of the political spectrum?