A North Korea thread


Being on the other side of the political spectrum =/= being wrong

If we talk about pure political propaganda, then yes, I don’t appreciate it regardless of the party that is being supported. When the Republican propaganda outlets (?) will have easy access to most tv channels, news outlets, social media platforms etc etc, I’ll not avoid to criticize them. Considering the daily amount of:“HURRRR TRUMP” I see every time I access the interwebz, I’d say we’re very far from it.


If you look at it in terms of right vs left or Democrats vs Republicans you can certainly use the argument that both sides are guilty of cherry picking, or faux outrage over something their side did worse not 10 minutes before or taking out of context something the other side did. But I would argue such two dimensional thinking is overly simplistic.

There are factions within each party, the media play it’s role (if you think they are there to be fair and impartial you are kidding yourself), the chamber of commerce, the UN, lobby groups, the corporate entities backing their preferred candidate are all part of an incredibly complex system, Which frankly most people don’t have the time nor the inclination to learn about.

Instead they plug into CNN or some other alphabet news outlet and listen to stories about why Trumps a racist, or Trump eats his steaks well done, or Melania Trump is wearing high heals. Dumbed down to the point even a 5 year would roll their eyes.

Some news channels do a better job than others, I get CNN, BBC and Bloomberg. Out of the 3 Bloomberg is by far the best, perhaps out of necessity because it focuses on the financial news and for that you need to dig a little deeper, won’t make them more popular than CNN though because people are lazy. Some news outlets like Breitbart will turn on Trump in a heart beat, like when it was reported he was going to make a deal with the Dem’s regarding DACA.

Breitbart differs from sites like Theconservativetreehouse (the one I linked to), because Breitbart is very much looking at things from a perspective of Republican ideas vs Democrat ideas. Whereas, TheConservativeTreeHouse sees the most important battle within the Republican party itself, the establishment type politicians like McCain who have a globalist agenda and are virtually indistinguishable from the establishment democrats and Republicans who actually believe in conservative ideas. When looked at from that perspective, you may see why the “would you prefer Jeb or Hillay for President” was so insulting to them, so they chose Trump to smash down the entire rotten system.


That might well all be true, I personally am very annoyed by CNN, but when it comes to Trump, you can actually listen to what comes unfiltered out of his mouth and you can get a good idea of what kind of person he is. I have a hard time buying into that he has a great strategy of doing anything, let alone a highly complicated and risky strategy of forcing China into doing anything about North Korea.

If he would just shut up and resist the temptation to react to whatever happens in front of him, he would be a much better strategist already. But this man can’t help himself.


I know, it’s hard to believe. The ideas and strategy don’t need to all be coming from Trump, what he needs to do is put capable people in the right positions.

While I agree he has had more than a few foot in the mouth moments, and yes, comments like grabbing a woman by the pussy do indeed give a good idea of what kind of man he is. agreed.

However, there are some occasions the media goes nuts, like in Charlottesville and saying people on both sides were there to start trouble, or right now saying NFL players should be fired for not standing when the national anthem is being played.

If you are on of the opinion Trump is a buffoon, its easy to lump this in with all his other comments call him a racist and ask why couldn’t he just unequivocally say being a Nazi is wrong, or let people have the freedom of choice that everyone has to protest this or that.

If on the other hand you think Trump knows what he is doing, you see a trend of branding, he’s got Democrats defending violent antifa practices, who also tend to burn the flag, he’s got Democrats scrambling to fight for illegal immigrant rights with DACA and sanctuary cities, he’s got an investigation going on into illegal immigrants who voted in the election. He’s branding the Democrats as caring more about non Americans than actual Americans.


And thus we subtly change the subject.

An ending of the cease fire in Korea will have regional effects regardless of which side initiates hostilities. And sooner or later it will end, because that which can’t go on forever, won’t. Which side do you want to see win?

And besides, a big part of war propaganda is the childish argument over who started it. But what really matters is who finishes it.

Most of the people in North Korea are in desperate circumstances right now, and their lives can’t get much worse. Even the military is wanting for food, they say. So that’s all moot. But the ruling class - why have any concern for their well being?

I mean, really. What sort of person would care what happens to them? It’s not like they have our best interests at heart.


And thus we not-very-subtly avoid the questions. Try harder.

  1. If the regime can’t last forever, as you say, then why start a nuclear war to accomplish what’s bound to happen anyway? The Berlin Wall fell without a single hydrogen bomb, in case you forgot. Try convincing a European the H-bomb scenario would have had more positive regional effects. :rainbow:
  2. Who has better access to quality shelters and provisions? Who has more guanxi with the Chinese, better access to passports and so on? Who would be perceived as being more useful to the resistance movement that would inevitably appear? Moot away. :roll:
  3. Also, you claim to be a religious man. What are your thoughts on Genesis 18:23 to 32? :latin_cross: :star_of_david: :star_and_crescent:

Should government leave religions alone?
Is there a set amount of off topic replies after which threads are split?

Not sure about that. There have been quite a few reports in recent months hinting at a slowly improving economy in North Korea. Of course this might well change with new sanctions imposed or natural disasters like droughts occurring, and life probably hasn’t improved much for the poor people in the countryside.

Might all well be propaganda and fake news:


Dude, it’s the war that’s inevitable.

I suppose there’s a chance the regime will go down without taking revenge on the planet as it goes, but it’s a damn slim one.


“We have to nuke East Berlin! If we don’t, the Russkies will nuke West Berlin!” :rant:


Can’t be bothered to shoot their own defectors anymore, but they’ve got nukes and missiles. Planning to go out with a bang?


damn, the doughboy-in-chief is looking more and more like he’s about to float away if nobody ties him down with a piece of string.


Is there any meat in that article, or is this new prediction based on one defection?

We’re all going to die btw. It might take twenty, fifty or even eighty years for some of us, but it will happen. Mark my words! :grandpa:


Where did he cross? It’s not like there is no fence and lots of barb wire, right?


They have some rather creative writers over there . . .

"It took Pyongyang almost two weeks to respond to US President Donald Trump’s bragging about the size of his ‘nuclear button,’ but a state-run newspaper has now called it “spasm of a lunatic” and the “bark of a rabid dog.”


I don’t speak Korean, but I suspect they’re just translating common idioms literally.

Regarding the legal/illegal foreign worker debate in the “narratives about Trump” thread,

here’s some interesting reading.

It’s not just Poland.

Washington has intensified pressure on countries to stop hosting North Korean laborers, and the list of countries doing so has dropped to perhaps 16, including Austria and several Persian Gulf states, from about 40, according to human rights groups and United Nations reports.

In December, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution requiring all countries to expel North Korean workers within two years. The resolution, which followed the North’s launch of a new intercontinental ballistic missile in November, also imposed a sharp cut in oil shipments to the nation.

But the European Union has not pressed the issue, fearful of ratcheting up tensions over sovereignty issues after Britain’s vote to exit the bloc. Poland’s right-wing government has bristled at European criticism of its moves to exercise greater control of the courts.


Let’s see.


Probably bogus, though, considering the source.


That the White House planted this news or that CNN is doing fake news? Interstingly, it is being repeated all over the world…

Or you mean someone may have pranked Trump, just as when he thought he was talking to North Korea instead of South Korea?

Weird and weirder…


Just making fun of this assertion. Sorry for the confusion. It’s true (keeping in mind that nothing happens until it happens when it comes to North Korea): Stormy man will meet Rocket man.


Can’t wait to see the fireworks. :sunglasses: