A North Korea thread


Perhaps this conversation is about the Korea issue and you’re putting words in my mouth.

It’s good to know that this bit of history has now been concluded. I’m sure we can expect Iran to turn bright and sparkly after a bit of cheap sword waving as well.


What makes it different this time?


I did and will admit it was a cheap shot, my apologies, I will wait for some time in the future in the appropriate thread for you to verbalize your own thoughts on all of this.

Except that’s not how this deal went down. With N.Korea I am saying, I posted links nearly a year ago which outlined a quite complex strategy. When all the “wrong about everything” crowd was predicting nuclear war. Not my fault everything I predicted back then is coming to fruition and the “wrong about everything” crowd are scrambling to find a new explanation for their unexpected reality, excuse me while I make myself a BLT sandwich for lunch. Much less stressful when you don’t need to change your reality every 15 minutes.

On Iran, very tricky. Can’t say I would back Trumps move every time, I have openly said I am against war. Will wait and see and perhaps comment on that when a thread is opened.


You would need to go back and read the links I have repeatedly posted. The gist of it is he is treating N.Korea as a pawn for Russia and China and as such has targeted China and Russia economically, geo-politically and militarily to the point they are willing to give up N.Koeas nukes in exchange for some behind closed door deals.


Well, I never said that.

Maybe it is. But we’ve seen such things before, and it’s hard to see what’s actually changed at this point. I tend to take the long view about these things. As you originally said, we’ll have to wait and see.


Fixed it 5u M8


Thanks m9, I blame autocorrect for my mistakes.


The autocorrect must be be running on a neocon algo. :sunglasses:


autocorrect = hate speech


Even if you are convinced that Trump is on the right track and all, I think it would be wise to keep expectations for the outcome of negotiations with North Korea low, really low. If Iran can’t be trusted, how can North Korea be trusted, especially since the two are known to be in cahoots with each other.


All fair points. I have previously said that the recent developments are promising, but there is a long way to go and many ways for things to go sideways.

In news today, N.Korea is to release 3 American prisoners, thats a good thing, right?

N.Korea has stopped lobbing missiles, thats good too, right? Plus it’s stopped testing nukes (perhaps has lost the ability to do so) either way it’s a good thing.

You should be happy, the region seems to be a lot calmer than when Kim and Trump were comparing the size of their nuclear buttons.

Iran I am wary of, because Trump seems to have Israels ear when it comes to things M.E. related, and I suspect if Israel it gets it’s way, they would try and position the US to go to war with Iran, which is in my opinion a very bad idea.


Speaking of which, the way I remember your predictions, Hillie was going to use a no fly zone over Syria as a pretext to start WWIII, and Donnie was going to (1) bring peace and prosperity and (2) smash the establishment (or “drain the swamp” if you prefer).

So far, Syria is feeling perhaps less bombed than it would have been under Hillie, but definitely bombed. The swamp is as swampy as ever. (As for prosperity, all things considered, I think it’s too early to say.)

And one more thing: I remember you saying, in as many words, that you don’t like Donnie, but the end justifies the means.

Have I got anything mixed up? :ponder:

Oh btw, I thought the only person here saying war with NK was inevitable was Rowland.


If you think this isn’t war, you need to read Sun Tzu.


Regarding Syria I said Trump doesn’t look like he wants to get involved, generally speaking he hasn’t. I said nothing about peace and prosperity, obviously Russia would have still been there, so thats your first false statement.

Hilllay and a no fly zone, that was her idea, not a prediction. The conflict with Russia was obvious.

The swamp is swampy, yet numerous people at the head of the FBI/DOJ have been fired, reassigned or resigned. We still have the IG report to come.

Trump I said I have no love for him personally, I certainly never said the end justifies the means, I said he was necessary to deal with the corrupt nature of the top law enforcement agencies and hopefully tackle the corrupt goings on in Washington.

He was voted in Democratically, there was nothing underhand in the “means”. The end justifies the means suggests the means themselves were dishonest, that is what the Democrats, the MSM and FBI/DOJ/DNI have been engaged in.

Something that not one of Trumps critics have spoken a word about. The silence speaks volumes. It would seem for the never Trumpers, the ends really do justify the means.


Except bombing it. The exact words “peace and prosperity” may not have come up, but there’s no way you haven’t called Clinton a warmonger and suggested Trump was going to stay out of it. Or that he’d get congressional approval at least, maybe?

I wish the bloody thing would come out so people will stop bringing it up. I’m not convinced it’s going to say exactly what you think it’s going to say.

Means exactly the same thing. In this example, Trump is the means and the ends is dealing with “the corrupt nature of law enforcement agencies.”

“Dishonest” is an interesting word here. Because I feel most would conclude Trump was extremely dishonest leading up to the election, and perhaps more so since he was elected.


Bombed it twice AND got rid of most of ISIS. The war hawks like McCain were rabidly frothing at the mouth each time he did so. McCain is now off writing his book, just like all the other never Trumpers do, followed up no doubt with a round in the media which is the normal pattern where the MSM breathlessly encourage him to repeat every salacious and personal attack he makes in his book.

Ok duly noted, let’s see how that prediction works out for you.

From the dictionary.

end justifies the means
A good outcome excuses any wrongs committed to attain it.

What “wrong” was committed to attain the end goal? Unless you talk about his overlooking his personal flaws, which I might suggest given who his opponent was, doesn’t even come close to her personal flaws.

You would need to provide specific examples if you would like me to respond to that, I might agree, or perhaps not, depending on what you use as examples.


in the first occasion, the Us army threw missiles at a semi deserted airport after warning in advance all the personnel to leave, thing confirmed by the (few) Syrian and Russian forces that were still there and left.

In the second occasion, most of the missiles were intercepted (confirmed by the Syrian army, over 70 out of 105) and damage was limited to research locations that were allegedly used for production and stocking of chemical weapons.

While I do believe the chemical weapon attacks were staged by al qaeda as it has already happened in the past, the current Us strategy is very different from past. During the obomo era, drone strikes happened non stop and thousands of civilians were killed.


Also from the dictionary: “—used to say that a desired result is so good or important that any method, even a morally bad one, may be used to achieve it.” Trump is definitely morally bad.

This is what gets me; do you legitimately not realize when he’s told a lie? Or, putting lies aside, do you not think paying a porn star to cover up an affair days before the election is a dishonest act by a dishonest man to dishonestly help his chances to be dishonestly elected to be a dishonest president?

This was denied by the US and France, wasn’t it? Are you suggesting the God Emperor is not infallible!??! The nerve! You also forgot to mention he gave Putin a heads up so they’d be much safer (and probably empty).

I really don’t care much about what he has and hasn’t done in Syria, I just enjoy watching the mental gymnastics that are being done to justify something people insisted wouldn’t happen.

And I just realized this is a North Korea thread. So yeah… interesting stuff in North Korea. Really not sure what to make of it, except I don’t trust Kim as far as I can throw him (I can’t throw him at all), but we shall see.


What mental gymnastics ?_?


I could quote your entire post but why bother?