A North Korea thread


The ever-classy Ibis™ has so much respect for the autistic. I wonder where he gets it from. :cactus:



What did he mean by this?


He meant “I enjoy trolling the New World Order.”





I think Kim the III was blackmailed by CIA. Pompeo probably showed him a few pictures taken while he was living in Switzerland.


…unlike Rowland, who wanted NK to nuke us to make NK look bad and justify WWIII. :idunno:


I wouldn’t mind if they nuked Cleveland.

Racism discussion

Just because they’re making the east conference a joke?

i second that.


Since they cancelled Drew Carey there’s no point in the town’s existence.


Take note, everyone. When a leftistic woman admits to having thought about violence but decided against it, she’s a terrorist. When a rightistic man endorses violence, he’s doing God’s will. Or something. :cactus:



Even without watching the video I can guarantee it will be along the lines of:“this sudden peace is just a prank, Trump dindu nothing, click here to know more”.

Am I correct here?


No, it’s just an attempt to explain how North Korea operates. It’s not all black and white.


It explains past manufactured crisis, create a crisis, negotiations and settlement. Thats been N.Korea’s model for years.

We know that, Trump knows that. That’s not what is happening, but we will need to wait a while before that can be demonstrated to belong to yet another thing “the wrong about everything” crowd, gets wrong.




Wrong side of history? Amusing.

I have yet to hear a word from you on the politicization of the FBI/CIA/DIA to go after political opponents, to use a salacious and unverified dossier to spy on an opponents campaign, then when they lost use the FBI to try and unseat a duly elected President. Nothing less than sedition.

Or in your mind, is that not happening?


This is the Korea thread.


No worries, perhaps you are of the mind, the end justifies the means.

Details of the N.Korea deal I think have already been bashed out, Trump seems to have moved on to Iran, might need a thread for that soon.


Last I checked, you can get an easy nobel for bombing people in the middle east using drones. Will Trump go for that strategy?