A North Korea thread


How so,

try to verbalize a reply, try to put your thoughts into words, how old are you? Im guessing we have gone beyond the strawberry generation and you are the snowflake generation ?


your attack are foolish, just as your logic. remember your cognitive dissonance definition? you are guilty ten-fold.


Im going to watch Monkey, its just up on Netflix, you should check it out.


oh zing!, wait, whats, “Monkey”?



In that case Sarah Sanders will probably be the first female president, and she will make Donnie look like a nice guy. :eek:


You guys enjoying Iqiyi? got some good shows man.


You are more millennial than I will ever be, apparently


Your kids use Iqiyi? And the wife? Seriously, its got some good stuff on there.


Oh yeah, the wife, the kids, grandma, grandpa. the stray dogs. just not me.


Well, Iqiyi, I get pissed at because they don’t have English translation, other channels do.

Damm, they put a ton of cash into sets, costumes and what not but can’t find the time to translate into English.

Monkey is a rework of the Buddhist story with Tri-pi-taka doing a spiritual homage with the monkey king at her side. It was popular in western cinema around the beginning of the 80’s.


You are so obvious. maybe look in a mirror and then go to sleep


Well, if I am so obvious, everyone else will get what you mean. I for one haven’t a clue.


last word goes to you big boy


Did you assume my gender? :rage:


It’s a favorite pastime of mine


I’m pretty sure you’re a reptile.


EBC I will assume is on yyy’s team.


Will Mick ever recover?


All I can tell you is, yyy is on the Neutral Team. :neutral_face: (Yes neutrals are anti-Covfefist these days, because Covfefists are anti-neutral.)

As for Mick, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. :slight_smile: :lizard: