A perma-pox on Hong Kong

I need a sandbox to empty my bile on this shithole from time to time, thus the thread. Feel free to weigh in with your utter disgust and contempt for Hong Kong and it’s shitty people here too!

I received a summons today, for not submitting a tax form three years ago. This is not for witholding tax, mind you, I paid that as I have every miserable year I’ve been here and never been a day late. Nope, this is just some stupid freakin’ form to confirm the details my employer has already sent them.

I asked a friend about the courts here today. He was fined for driving 56km/hr in a 50km/hr zone and although pleading guilty and willing to pay whatever the fine, was forced to endure a full day in a local court packed full of idiots and murderers jibbering away in their jibbery sewer speak, and then at the end of the day, was finally seen to and copped a miniscule fine.

Fark I HATE them all!

Dear Lord. Should a reasonable sized nuclear device with the explosive potential to completely obliterate HK and it’s shitty people happen to fall into your hands, could you please allow me to be your extremely willing servant in detonating it and thereby removing this embarrassing stain on your otherwise exemplary work immediately.


This is what happens when bureaucrats are leaderless.

I don’t know how you do it Gunga Din. You’re a better man than I am.

tell them you already sent it, and then demand to see their signed receipt that they never sent you.

“I told him we already got one”.

Cracking noodles, though…

If they ask you for proof that you sent it to them, tell them: “Well I don’t have it, because I sent it to you!”

By the way, for us Yanks, not filing a tax return, even if we owe nothing in taxes, can get us in trouble in the US, too.

The food is bland shite.

Good advertising though. I can’t tell you how many people, (who haven’t lived there), who ask me about how great the food is.

Ooh, no, although I’ve never lived there, on the many trips I’ve taken, I’ve always loved the food.


Canto food is the worst Chinese food ever. That’s why it got exported to the rest of the world and good food like proper Hunan kept home.

Foodie type people rave about the slop. It’s unbelievable! If it wasn’t for the imported food I’d starve to death here. I’m sorry, but cornflour is not a basic ingredient in any meaningful cuisine.

Mind you, I’m very tempted to blame the English for introducing a specious arsehole bureacracy that these gibberig gibbons have taken to an all new level of mind fuck. We can also blame them for the food. I mean, how did the English counter the slop here? By bringing in Filipnio maids. Hello!!! Worst food in the region, anybody? Thank god for the Indians!


Yeah, I was going to say that HK has the best Indian food outside of India. :lick:

Cantonese food is mostly garbage though. 2nd in the yuck parade only after Shanghaiese. :sick:

I wouldn’t go that far to say HK food is shite! The banquet items, dim sum, steamed fish, lobster with cream sauce are all pretty fantastic. Pre-tty pre-tty good.

You white people are funny. :unamused:

Have you ever thought of leaving mate? You seem not to like HK very much, lol.

Indecently here in the good old ROC i got a nice tax bill a few weeks ago from year 93 because they messed up my return back then. I went in to see them before i paid it just to let them know they messed it up, not me. It took me like 4 or 5 times of saying it to get that point across lol.

When you arrive from a culinary shit hole like Hsinchu it tastes great.

Come to Hong Kong - Have macaroni for breakfast and walk to work through a mall.

Sounds awesome :slight_smile:

Exited work via the mall last night and off for a few drinks with the male star of a wedding you and I recently attended when the female co-star of said wedding arrived and steered us back into the mall to some swank Jap eatery for more drinks and nosh. Man, walking through a mall with a belly full of Jap and a beer buzz sucks.

Temp Gain, I do have a slow burning exit strategy.


True story, circa 1970. Civil servant 1 in HKG mistakenly includes my friend, CS2, in memo distribution list. CS1 recalls all copies to delete CS2’s name, and requires CS2 to initial the deletion of his name in the redistributed memo.

You’ve been eating at teh wrong places then. Hsinchu has some great Kejia (sp? food).

In terms of food my ranking in Taiwan 1st, Shanghai 2nd, HKG a distant 3rd. Dim Sum is great the 1st 50 times you have it.

It’s a lovely HK day today.

It’s even better here today. Stunning outside, but alas I spent the morning in court listening to frantic Canto jibberish and praying no one could read my mind, or if the beak spotted the utter contempt when our eyes crossed path. In the wash up, a HK$1,000 fine for not submitting a tax form, despite having paid the tax.

What an exceptionally odious and over bureaucratised little corner of the world I find myself in.