A post that the grammar Nazis may be happy about

How do the scribes of Forumosa feel about this ? Do you agree with his push for a more formal and traditional English ?
OR R U against wat he is sayin?
Mogg Esq

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Double spaces after a full stop look dreadful.


I was taught to do that on a type writer about 40 years ago :rofl: Never understood why, but just went with it.

That’s not only unneccessary but also unacceptable. He doesn’t know that modern type can correct the spacing between sentences automatically? Maybe he still uses a typewriter.

Full disclosure: I often double space after periods as it’s force of habit.


I’d love to give this geek a swirlie.

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I had to look that up.

I would guess that he and Boris were on the receiving end of many when they were at school. It’s payback time from them now.

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Imperial measurements need to hurry up and die already.


Yeah I totally agree on that one. The decimal system is just way more logical.

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Period after Mr., Mrs., and Ms., but not after Miss.

No double spaces, unless using fixed-width typewriter fonts like Courier or Pica.

Use “%” instead of “percent”. Don’t use “per cent”; it’s not pronounced with a pause between the syllables.

It’s “website”, not “Web site”.

Never ever EVER use the word “netizen”.

Same here. Drilled into my head, two quick thumb taps on the space bar after a period (full stop).

I’m not likely nor am I inclined to unlearn it.

You failed to do it just now, didn’t you?

I’m all for good gramma but this guy’s a fuckwit.


No, I didn’t (actually went back to that post in edit and double-checked, and yes there are two spaces after the period).


That disproves my theory, then. I clearly can’t spot a double space. It looks single to me. Are you sure it’s not getting auto-corrected?

Before backspacing.

Pressed backspace once -

Pressed backspace a second time -

This is a sentence with one space after the full stop. One space.

This is a sentence with two spaces after the full stop. Two spaces.

Is it my eyes, or is it getting auto-corrected back to one space? I’m pretty sure it is.

Happens to look exactly the same in mobile… :rofl:



Hard to tell, but to my eye it looks like there is a very tiny increase in the space. Like, super tiny - but present.

Now you’re messing with my head.

One space gap. One.
Two space gap. Two.
Three space gap. Three.

Damn! I was hoping we’d get Rees-Mogg on the boards.