A Rainbow Family Gathering to be held in Taiwan in 2018 🌈


Alright, if anybody know about time and place, I might be interested in dropping by Camp Nutters. I have a love-hate relationship with hippism and so. Could be interesting to see.


Grass isn’t for eating, grass is for…

OK, I may make an exception for twinks.


I think I’m a few centuries too old to qualify then, though my green skin is smooth enough for your picky hooves.

But if you’re not grass fed, then… :ponder:

Wait – you’re soy fed?! :eek:

Um, never mind. I’ll get my own massage! :whistle:


Eew, just eew. I get the feeling henna wouldn’t bind to your slippery reptilian hide anyway.


Dude, that’s so hateful, I bet even Rowland is puking right now. :face_vomiting:


OK, how about an eyeball tattoo? Looks like you got a lotta real estate to work with there.


I’m not sure I can trust a soy fed extraterrestriphobic cow, so the answer’s no, at least until I see some good references.

In the meantime, I have a suggestion for someone who may want a tattoo.



In all honesty, I think this will be a rather tame gathering due to the expenses of traveling here and their tendency to hold it way out in the middle of nowhere. But their facebook page looks promising :smiley:


the good news is that tw is wet. A Rainbow gathering without a substantial forest fire is no gathering at all. Even if it is tame, it won’t bode well for local’s perception of foreigners. Bad news. I wish it wasn’t happening here.


But how many Taiwanese will show up? :ponder:


A local Bay Area female artist made the news today as she had completely covered herself in poop

Wont be shocked if she will be at the rainbow


Good. We need people who feel comfortable working with shit, somebody has to dig the latrines


Excuse me.

They’re called shit pits. Latrine reminds me of the military. Or Babylon. Or something.


OK, OK, sure. Where is it going to take place?


Being Taiwan there’ll be a night market running twenty four hours at the gates and a 711 round the corner.
Any mention of nudists will have a perve army hiding in the bushes.


And lots of those middle-aged guys in full camo with their huge telephoto lenses.


Ahem, I don’t wear camo, I just wear ninja black.



I taught him, um, everything he doesn’t know.


So, new moon was yesterday. Where da hippies at?