A random collection of KMT's behaviors during the coronavirus pandemic

Second from the right is the boss of the clinic giving 1000 unidentified people vaccine. He was also one of the rare faculty close to Ko in the medical school.

Mr Zhang Rongwei just got of the jail recently, and he received vaccination. He is not a medical professional, rumors say a lot of things about him. But this is not a rumor: He is the elder brother of Ms Zhang, current Mayor of Yunlin.

They don’t reside in the same house. Normally, this former Yunlin Mayor should be way back in the queue to receive (given that he looks healthy and low with BMI)

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Holy shit! I guess the racists have finally taken over the party again.

I couldn’t say KMT English is enjoyable to read, but admittedly, it is eye-opening, teaching me something new, perhaps, about … (I really can’t pinpoint what it is.)

I came here to post this and love it so much though I have no idea what the anime part means.

The fact that the apology returns to broken English really makes it even more special.


Throwing a guess out into the wind, but this tweet (but def not apology tweet) seemed to have been written by a native english speaker (perhaps an ABT?) with a chronic case of woke-twitter addiction. Just too many native-speaker caliber phrases and twittersphere buzzwords to suggest otherwise…“whilst” does throw me off a bit though, as well as the unnecessary comma after “painful”. A touch pedantic imo :rofl:

ex-coworker is that you???


This guy is so woke I don’t get it.

I don’t know why, but I imagine some guy in Xiamen banging that out.


Thats a good one!

For the record, not me. i ALWAYS point out the China with red in my avatars and logos!

In terms of vaccination organization, Yilan KMT mayor copies Kaohsiung DPP mayor. Ko of Taipei and KMT mayor Hou of New Taipei have the attitude shown in the meme.

If a person is going to make pictures for idiots to follow, try at least to make them understandable. The yilan copying kaohsoung makes NO sense at all without a caption talking about mayors copying ccp virus vaccine protocol. Imagine that picture being posted without any writing…

Frankly, memes are a waste of resources and a burdon on our infrastructure causing more pollution…but anyway, if one wants to go to the effort, at least make them so people get the point and can share with having the inconvenience of a conversation haha.

I cant believe this is what the world has become :frowning:

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Welcome to 2021!


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“Listen to Party’s words. Follow the Party.”
Dog is “blue medias”

I have no dog in this fight. But damn, that ether wow

The swamp is deep in Yunlin!

Welcome to Taiwan’s heartland. Not a long time ago, Yunlin voters would have gangsters visiting their homes whenever there were elections. The gangsters recommend which candidate they should cast their votes for–always the candidate decided by Chinese Nationalist Party.

Nowadays, Chinese Communist Party’s Fifty Column takes the place of the KMT in those areas.

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I agree, but lets be fair! DPP and MKT are very much both corrupt as fuck. We all know people on both sides that are corrupt shitheads. From groupies right up to higher levels. Be it drugs, prostitution, human trafficking, corruption, embezzling, fraud, financial market meddling, foreign affairs meddling, smuggling etc etc. This is taiwan. Both are just as corrupt, just they care about slightly different points.

The defining points are more towards does the public want to be chinas (ccp’s) rape toy or not…that is the question that defines these 2 cartels, i mean parties. I mean party’s. No, mafia led cartels… Kmt is over the top hoarding, and dpp has some form of social heart, albeit very small. Otherwise, same shit different smell.

However, no matter which gangster you want to pay protection money (tax) to, there is no question that becomming part of china, as per the Chinese KuoMingTan effirts, is going to be good for human rights. Thats a sure as the sky is blue.

Hmmmmm…the sky is grey and the ocean is cloudy now…so it probably means very little in the grand scheme of things :wink: