Abortion, where to go in Taipei?

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After doing a bit more research, I found out that surgical abortions are illegal in Taiwan, but medical abortions, such as the drug RU-486 are legal, and apparently quite easy to get. I’m just a little concerned about finding a doctor I can trust. Can anyone recommend a reputable hospital, or doctor?

Lassie, your legal research is wrong.

(unedited version)
Chapter 24
Offenses of Abortion
Article 288
A pregnant woman who by taking drugs or by other means causes her abortion shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than six months, detention, or a fine of not more than one hundred yuan.
A pregnant woman who permits another to cause her abortion shall be subject to same punishment.
If the commission of an offense specified in one of the two preceding paragraphs is necessary because of sickness or for an aversion of danger to life, the punishment shall be remitted.

Note the phrase “by taking drugs…” Let me be quick to add, I view abortion as a woman’s choice. I am not encouraging or discouraging you. I just get tired of giving people with no real names (i.e. Lassie) cyber legal advice for fucking free and then having them turn around and tell me I am full of shit and do not know what the hell I am talking about.

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This is one of many articles that came up after googling abortion in Taiwan.

RU-486 approved for controlled sales
Friday, Dec 29, 2000,Page 2

Taiwan’s Department of Health yesterday approved the use of the controversial abortion pill RU-486. Department officials, however, stressed that the drug can only be used by women who are less than seven-weeks pregnant and must be taken under the supervision of a doctor.
taipeitimes.com/News/local/a … 2/29/67441

ooops, here’s that link again

taipeitimes.com/News/local/a … 2/29/67441

[url]Ob-Gyn/Abortion in Taipei

[url]Abortion clinics

[url]Abortion in Taiwan

Lassie, these are some thread links I found in the Women’s forum. I hope they help

Best of luck :rainbow:

Hmm, who do I trust, a lawyer currently working on the English version of the Criminal Code, or the Taipei Times?

Actually I’m very great full for all the advice I’ve received, with the exception of you and brianlkennedy’s sarcasm, and lack of sensitivity.

[quote=“lassie”]Can anyone offer any advice on getting an abortion in Taipei? I just found out I’m pregnant, and am looking into a medical abortion, but not sure where to go, or how it works in Taiwan. Any suggestions or experiences would be helpful.
Hi guys it seems to me that Lassie was looking for ADVICE and suggestions not the legal stuff surrounding it OR the sarcastic remarks.
There seemed to be alot of helpful suggestions and kind comments :bravo: lets keep it that way
A little tact please!This cannot be an easy situation for her.

Lassie is brand new on the Forum…she doesn’t know about the Woman forum (and u need a password) and how is she supposed to know that whatever- his -name -is is a lawyer? And if he has such issues (because such aggro remarks could not only have stemmed from her posting that she read something else elsewhere) with giving people advice, then he shouldn’t.

That’s like saying I’m going to stop speaking English on this Forum for free, because it’s my job. Nobody forced you to say anything… :loco:

Lassie, in the health forum there’s a thread on gynocologists. Here is an abbrieviated version of my post recommending a good one - and I’ve seen a few. I haven’t had to get an abortion though.

Dr Charles Tsai (Cai Jizhi), is great (600 physician’s fee). He is thorough, patient and understanding. I’d highly recommend him. Last time I checked he only worked Wednesday afternoons though.

He works at the specialist (expensive English speaking) Li Der Clinic. The phone number of the Li Der Clinic is 2897 0329.

Dr Tsai also practices in the main hospital. I haven’t attended him in the main hospital so not sure what this is like. I’d imagine it would be cheaper than the clinic and I

A Taiwanese friend of mine recently had an abortion at an obstetric/gynecological clinic near the MacKay hospital in Taibei City. Since the legality of it is in question, I sent Lassie the details in a private message. Anyone else who needs the same information can PM me.

As long as you’re over 20 years of age it is perfectly legal.

依據刑法第 288 條
優生保健法可以墮胎之情形第 9 條 懷孕婦女經診斷或證明有左列情事之一者,得依其自願,施行人工流產:
一 本人或其配偶患有礙優生之遺傳性、傳染性疾病或精神疾病者。
二 本人或其配偶之四親等以內之血親患有礙優生之遺傳性疾病者。
三 有醫學上理由,足以認定懷孕或分娩有招致生命危險或危害身體或精
四 有醫學上理由,足以認定胎兒有畸型發育之虞者。
五 因被強制性交、誘姦或與依法不得結婚者相姦而受孕者。
六 因懷孕或生產將影響其心理健康或家庭生活者。

The sixth reason is : 6. Pregnacy or delivery would influence her psychiatric health or family life.

Does having a child influence your family life? Of course it does.
Therefore, anyone over 20 can get an abortion in Taiwan.

If you are married, your husband might also have to sign a release.

A Gynecologist I’ve been to is
Xian An Clinic
at #197 Sec.1 HoPing E. Rd.
大安區龍安里和平東路一段 197 號
tel: 23952633
I remember the doctor spoke English fairly well, and she was pretty nice. I believe they rotate between two or three female doctors.

Here is some info on the abortion pill, if it has been less than seven weeks between today and your last period, you can take that.

If not, then you will have to have a surgical abortion.

It is not illegal to have an abortion in Taiwan, as there is no way you can have a baby without it influencing your family life. Many, many Taiwanese girls get abortions every day. As long as you are over twenty, it is legal. If you are under twenty, it is legal with your parents’ permission.

Duh. . . :homer:

Further proof of those brilliant Taiwanese lawmakers.

Thanks to everyone who responded. This is obviously really scary, especially being in Taiwan, and I reallly appreicate the feedback.

to cut a long story short.

Friend has daughter whom studied in Europe- Daughter met wrong guy- Daughter was not mature yet to understand risks / consequences . Daughter too young to be a mother.
How hard it is taking away a life- it is the only possibility he sees fit.

if anyone has any experiences with Abortions in Taipei hospitals - drop me a PM that I can forward your email address to him to get your input what is / can / can not.

on behalf- thanks

Is it the only possibility HE sees fit, or the only possibility SHE sees fit?
The pregnant one is the one who gets to make this decision. I sure hope that the father is not deciding things for his daughter.
(apologies if, as I hope, that’s not the case. The wording just jumped out at me)

it is the only possibility he sees fit.
Is it the only possibility HE sees fit, or the only possibility SHE sees fit?
The pregnant one is the one who gets to make this decision. I sure hope that the father is not deciding things for his daughter.
(apologies if, as I hope, that’s not the case. The wording just jumped out at me)[/quote]
Since it’s the father that has probably approached the OP, I think it sounds alright. Let’s not get into a debate, about abortions, and yes a lot of parents decide or at least influence a child’s decision. It happens, but that’s another thread too. If anyone knows, of healthy safe abortions in Taipei please provide info.

OP, I don’t think one can opt for abortions ‘just like that’, but I know of families who obviously took the MTP route which is medical termination of pregnancy aka, (in case you’re unaware), termination of a pregnancy declared as not healthy for the foetus or the mother. Lots of pvt. clinics will do it, major hospitals have more stringent rules. I don’t know of anyone specific but Tienmu is rife with English speaking clinics.

NOTE: I, Me , Myself don’t necessarily condone the abortion in this or any case, and there is no way I am criticizing. It’s just one of those things one hopes, one doesn’t have to face.

I agree with zyzzx. I read the OP last night and was immediately struck with the exact same thought. Not judging whether or not abortion’s an appropriate choice (in this case), but clearly the decision should be mostly up to HER not him. I hope that’s the case here and it was merely a matter of awkward wording.

I’ve heard conflicting reports over the years about the degree of access to abortion in Taiwan: everything from unfettered access to requiring jumping through a series of bureaucratic hoops.

Wish I could be more helpful on this. It would be good to know that the actual situation is, especially since abortion is such a non-issue here.