About Nancywu

Hello everyone,

as some of you have already guessed rightly Nancywu was a hoax. Her persona was inspired by some trolls here at Segue (Annawang) and the worst of Taiwanese girls I have personally met.
The views expressed in Nancywu

I vote against exposure, but for drawing and quartering the troller (in an anonymous way). Unless it’s CranKy LaoWai, as I suspect, and then his punishment should be to use Tongyong Pingyin… FOREVER! Muwhahahahahahaha…

It was all a good laugh and got away form the usual pro/anti-American stuff. Was it Tomas? That’s my guess.

To paraphase Russel Crowe in Gladiator;
“Unleash the Gerbil!”

No need to expose the culprit. Just promise to stop using nancy wu and go back to being whomever you were before. then we can guess from the ‘regards’ by line…

That’s right CranKy. Go back to using your old identity.

what is it with you and cranky, hakkasonic? cranky is one of the most lovely mild mannered lao wais I’ve had the pleasure to meet in this god-forsaken place.
btw, alien tells me her avatar wouldn’t be interested in mating with one as manic as yours. smoke a joint, take a chill pill, whatever!

It is not Rascal. The regards line is coincidence.
Would you at least allow me to bag the accumulated guanxi? :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote for relentlessly poking her with pillows. Yes! Bring out the next instrument of torture! Yes! Bring out the…comfy chair!

Notice the correct use of “doesn’t” in "although the majority of Taiwanese girls doesn

Egads ! “humour” !

Frankly, I am disappointed at this apology…I knew right away it was a troll, but would much preferred Nancy to keep posting…it had alot of potential…oh well…

I haven’t read all the replies that Nacy got, but I think anyone with half a brain quickly realised it was a hoax. Using words like ‘thread’ and yet aparently not being able to cope with simple grammar was a dead give away, as was the time the messages were posted at. No need to apologise or for an ‘outing’ (although on that matter, ‘regards’ or more commonly ‘Best Regards’ is standard signing off on emails in local companies, I see and use it everyday, so I guess the culprit is not an English teacher, perhaps an engineer or such…)

It’s not a linguist, and most likely not someone who teaches English writing, because the writing wasn’t very well faked. I’d vote for a movie fanatic – sounds like bad dialogue from late-night flicks about the Vietnam war.

She was a lovely creation despite her flaws, and I’m sure she’s earned a place in the pantheon of Forumosa’s immortals.

I can’t come close to detecting who created her, though if I had to make a guess, I’d say it was Joesax. Anyway, good on you Mr. button-pusher, whoever you are.

Nope, not me. I don’t have that sort of time. It’s actually HakkaSonic. Look at the way he posts after copying and pasting things he has written in Word or another program, his irreverent sense of humor, and his interest in making fun of things people feel sensitive about. You’ll see that is is him.

I spotted Nancy as a made-up entity immediately. I thought it was sort of funny, and was suprised that “she” got some of our more intelligent posters’ panties in a bunch so quickly.


This is not a new situation on Oriented/Segue/Forumosa.
What is does show is that to sucessfully pull this off (I have once tried with seemingly good results) you must have been here long enough to be able to mimick the grammar problems endemic to the local speaker of English.
Maybe someone should start a “Try your hand at faking us out,” thread. 25 words or less in “Chinglish.” This will sort out the newbies from the people who should have gotten out long ago (who me? :unamused: )

Agree with Wolf. It keeps us on our toes and lightens things up a bit. But I think ABCGuy was real… (?)

[quote=“nancywu”]…Nancywu was a hoax. Her persona was inspired by some trolls here at Segue (Now Forumosa) (Annawang) and the worst of Taiwanese girls I have personally met. [/quote]So you’re saying AnnaWang is real, :smiling_imp: is a ‘troll’, or is a real troll?!

The views expressed in Nancywu posts can be encountered in real life, although the majority of Taiwanese girls doesn’t share them.[/quote]
Over the age of 60… hmm… I don’t think I agree with you. But I guess those oba-sans are not classified as ‘girls’.

We Forumosans (or Forumosese, or what-ever-the-f*$% we call ourselves) take our community very seriously. Its one of only a few oases of sanity in Taiwan.

it was obvious it was a troll for one simple reason: there are no Taiwanese people posting here, and certainly no Taiwanese women. This is purely 100% big nose country here. More or less. Definitely no real Taiwanese, and no Taiwanese women here. They use their own bbs boards in Mandarin. So of course Anna and Wu are trolls. It was obvious from the get go.