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Good Morning everyone!

I have a particular situation and I wanted to understand what you would do if you were me or if there is something I might do and I didn’t consider.

The situation is pretty easy. I have ARC for 3 years for business related reasons.

I travel a lot in the island and sometimes abroad for just some days.

I need to have a residence in my arc but it’s not easy because for me it’s easy to rent Airbnb or hotels since I move a lot…unfortunately…

So it’s a waste of money to pay for a rent and than don’t live there. How can I do?

I don’t have friends I can ask to put my residence there…and many times if I take airbnb for maybe less than a month or two months they don’t make a contract. Also everytime would be a problem to go to NIA and change residence.

Is there a place I can put my residence for cheap and maybe recive letters and than be free to travel? What would you do?

While you technically need to update your address when you move, they’ve never sent me anything through the mail or double checked to make sure that I was still there.

But still, updating your address really isn’t a pain. In fact, it’s less work than finding the new place.

Does it not take weeks for them to give you your new ARC when you change your address?

You’re required to report your new address within 3 months (I think?) of your move.

I’ve gotten an ARC before with just a one month contract. even though I renewed my contract which month, so my address didn’t change, NIS never asked for my new contacts. They didn’t know that I stayed at my new address but I don’t think they would have cared much if I would have moved.

Anyhow, you shouldn’t have to update your address any more than every 3 months, even if you’ve been at a bunch of places in between address changes.

If you’re just staying at a place for a few weeks or if you don’t have a contract, don’t sweat it. Just update your address when you get to a place you can stay for a month or more and have a contract.

Updating your address does take time but it’s not like you’ll be waiting there all week.

within 15 days, iirc.


But this depends where you live, doesn’t it? I live in Danshui, so I need to go to the New Taipei City office, which is back of beyond in Banqiao or Zhonghe. Getting there and back is most of a day.

If you live near the office, sure, it’s not a big deal, but that’s not the case for everyone.

For most people it’s a pain, PITA! Never understood the reason why moving to the boondocks would make foreigners happy or even the staff working there. Kickbacks from taxi companies?

Have you asked the NIA what they recommend in your case?

I was told two weeks

I’ve lived in Danshui and Sansia. I’ve never gone to the New Taipei office. I always go to Xiaonanmen.

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Huh. Interesting - thanks for posting. I’ve always assumed I needed to go to the New Taipei City office, but maybe I can go to the Taipei City one.

Confirming @Marco’s experience. Live in New Taipei, go to the Taipei office. No problems.

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You are required to report it within 2 weeks.

I have the direct experience since last month. This is the new regulation. It’s fine. They took 2 weeks to give me the new ARC but it’s fine.

If you leave them your ARC they send you the new one at home.

Well you need to have an address. They don’t reccomend things. I would like to have a place where I can register my residence for really cheap and I can register my scooter there too.

So all the communications and all the letters go there. And I’m free to move.

But I guess this doesen’t exist. Like a super cheap place (like 500 - 3000 a month) where I can register my residence and recive all the letters

Cool - thanks. I just hope I remember this the next time I’ll probably need to go, when my passport expires in six or seven years.

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I updated my address for the Gold ARC.
The method for this ARC type is:
Login to the Foreign Professionals Online Platform
Select Employment Gold Card Modification
Update Address/Mobile Number/Upload New Photo…
Select collection center
Pay 500NT administration fee
They will email when the new card is ready to collect.


if 3000NTD is ok, I think you can rent a very cheep place with a contract.

This is actually a really good advice. That’s also what I was thinking about. Something like in New Taipei City. Just a room that I can use as address and warehouse and than I can still travel.

Like P.O. Boxes where it’s possible to put the residence is not possible right? Anyway 3000 is the cheapest I think.

Hijacking thread for my own purpose.

What is the penalty/fine for not updating your address? I plan a bit of a complicated move and like OP, will not have a consistent address for about 2 months. Instead of updating my arc 3-4 times I’d rather just wait until the end and update it once. This is Taiwan so I assume no one actually cares.

Wait and update it once. The Fine is something like $2kNT but depends on the person you talk to. I was way past the required time when I updated mine last, but apparently the girl I talked to liked me and didn’t fine me.

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