Adopting a cat in Taipei

Where can I adopt a kitty in Taipei?

We are willing to neuter it, pay for any of the costs made on the kitty, and we provide it a loving home.

What we don’t want are regular checkups, lengthy interviews, and multiple house visits. You can visit our home once to decide whether it is a good place or now.

We grew up with cats, and I am in Taiwan for the long-haul.

Please let me know!

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One place to look if you want to adopt is to find the animal rescue groups at regular public events, such as the weekend flower market on Jiangguo. Walk down the main aisle to the middle intersection and there will be volunteers there with puppies and cats and kittens that need homes.

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There are halfway houses willing to let you replace house visits with sharing weekly photos.

From my personal experience, no one wants to do house visits. If you think people rescuing cats want to take time to visit your house repeatedly, you are wrong.

It’s in the contract just to be a way to help the cat if something does go wrong. Unfortunately, there are crazy people out there who make everyone’s lives difficult.

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ACT for animals have a cat house. They are on Facebook they give continuing support too

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Check out this community of volunteers at Banqiao’s shelter.

This beauty is ready to go to his furever home. He is currently at a volunteer`s home in Tianmu. Cute and friendly, 7 months old aproximately.


More kitties ready for a good furever home:


In Tianmu.


wow thank you all! we adopted a very cute kitten!


Great. But remember it is always better to adopt two so they will have someone to play with. :smiling_imp:

In other news, someone here had asked about a long haired kitten. We have a playful 4 year old in very good health who needs an owner willing to brush his coat every day. Any takers?

Where can I buy a Sphinx kitten in Taiwan?

I’m looking for a cat or 2. I don’t care about breed but needs to be a good mouser because I got a rat problem

Best mousers are not kittens. How about two for one? No problem. Will send you a linkie from home.

Yea, I’m not looking for kittens… just a cat or two that’s good at catching mice. Also good for just pet too.

Preferably already fixed so I don’t have to… (not that I can’t, just prefer not having to drag screaming kitties to the vet for this, especially because the alley I live in has lots of dogs)

All our cats come vaccinated, dewormed and ehem desexed. We have a couple of couples that would like to stay together, and two cats will work better in your situation and give you company and amusement.


Please excuse my ignorance, @icon: who is “we”? Is there a website to check for what cats are up for adoption?

Sure, several:

And most shelters have FB pages.

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Thanks! Which one are you referring to as “we”?

So what do I do to start the process? I have a bedroom, and a workshop. I don’t feel right to confine the kitty in a small 2 ping room but I’m also concerned about the cats drinking what they shouldn’t (such as a random puddle of water with God knows what in it). I mainly have a bucket of water to keep the laser cutter cool, and I don’t want the cats playing in it. It’s basically just tap water however.

The League of Cat Ladies in Taiwan

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Yep, cats always lick what they shouldn´t. For instance, brake fluid or defreeze, very lethal.

Definetively not locked. cats need interaction with the environment and exercise, an indoor cat walk, a catio maybe.

If you want to, we can sendd a foster firts, and you can commit later. the foster fixes your problem temporarily and hopefully when you move to a more appropiate place, you can have a permanent kitty.