Adopting a cat in Taipei

Got a friend who rescued a kitten from the middle of a road. Anyone who would take her him?


Glad to see people looking to adopt. Taiwan has SOOOOOO many stray dogs and cats.

We (my family) currently have 10! We have 3 dogs and 7 cats. All are strays that we found. 1 of the cats is disabled and requires constant care because it cannot urinate on its own.

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Still available.

Hi, I am looking for a loving home for my 2 month old kitten. He is vaccinated and healthy. He is playful. Are you interested?

I’m trying to get a cat but I guess there must be a universal rule against having a cat in a shop or store setting… as soon as I mentioned that everyone thinks I’m unfit to adopt cats.

I am thinking some potential solutions for keeping the cat out of trouble like making an area just right outside my room where the cat’s litterbox and stuff is… and I don’t keep any antifreeze around so nothing to worry there.

I like some companionship and also the side benefits, like all the pests disappear by magic as soon as you have a cat. Rats wouldn’t come near when there’s a cat.

I guess if there’s a universal rule against having cats in a shop or store setting, I guess the only way for me to pet a cat is cat cafes… there’s one near Furen MRT that has cats, but it’s not a cafe. Has a bunch of table games and stuff and lots of cats.

I think a tugou might be more appropriate in your setting. They are also smart…And want to live longer than curious cats.

If you want to pet cats, someone with your handy hands would be most welcomed at the cat sanctuary. You can volunteer on your time off and pet many cats.

I’m not a dog person… I prefer cats.

Hi, we have two cats (sisters) very low maintenance one friendly and loves tummy rubs and sitting on the sofa with us and one very shy but not aggressive at all. Desperate to find a home for them before we move abroad. They’re about 3 years old. Would you be interested? If so you can call me on 0926 924 422.

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Soooo cute it looked like the kitten I had which died two days ago​:sob::sob::sob:

Crazy Cat…ladies and gentlemen association.


Looks like a good idea to me.

Def looking to add more furry bodies to the old homestead…since it turns out I am now allergic to dog dander!!

Please have a look in the Taoyuan shelter, really cute ones there.


Very special kitties, all tuxedo, very rare. Available for adoption, mom was rescued already pregnant and received good care. Kitties born and socialized at a volunteer’s home.


OMG…cuteness overload! :heart_eyes:

Yeahh… sling em over here, I’ll deal with exasperated hubby.

Edit:holy crap, are those four kittens? :open_mouth: I can probably take 2. What will happen to the mother?

If no one takes her, TNR.

That makes me really sad. I would not mind fostering her for the long term until she can find a loving home permanently.


She is a great mama. Allowed herself to be caught by kind people who made sure her babies were delivered safely and in good health.

That’s how I got my Lola, though when I found her, I didn’t know she was preggers. She was too small, too thin. Caught us, including the vet, by surprise. Made me double check all males in my house to make sure it wasn’t their doing.

Right now, I’m just fostering an overweight 6-year old lady cat, so we definitely have room. I keep bugging my foster coordinator for more cats, but the SPCA are more dog-centric and I’ve just learned that I am allergic to dogs now.

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