[Advice needed] My dad blocked me from being able to use Reddit and now I’m sad. What do I do?

I know this isn’t the best place to post this kind of stuff but I don’t really have any other options.
My father made it to where Reddit is blocked from all devices. I’m only able to access it on my phone & school computer which is why he removed Internet access from that. He used to condone Reddit but now, he’s vehemently against me using it ever since I opened a new account on Reddit.
Thing is, Reddit is my only online outlet where I get to express myself. (Also here but the topics seem very limited.) Reddit had its ups and downs. There were crazy people, there were trolls but there was also lots of interesting content and most of the people were okay people (or at least not jerks).
I admit that I did get carried away but then after opening my 2nd account, I was doing just fine with it since I stopped going on subreddits that angered me so much. (Mostly cuz I got banned.)
My only problem is that I’m checking it too much and I probably need to limit that stuff to weekends only, like only 2 or 3 times a week. But I do go on it too much to fill time because I’m empty inside. Eliminating all the electronic-related activities, I guess I like to take a walk outside or draw sometimes but more often than not, I have “artist’s block.” (It’s like “writer’s block” but with drawing.) I don’t know what to do. I really loved going on Reddit.
How can I try to make it to where he’s less against it ? Or how can I find somewhere else to express my opinion online or something?

Embrace it, you won’t be missing out on much. Most of reddit isn’t great to be honest.


Go outside and play. That’s what I used to do when I was your age. Why do you want to use Reddit anyways?


There’s a lot of bad stuff yes but there’s a lot of interesting stuff too. IDK… I just felt like I was part of something. I’m not well traveled at all. More like the opposite. And I just felt a sense of emptiness inside.

I do take walks sometimes but outside of using the Internet, taking little walks and sometimes drawing…
There’s not a lot. :grimacing: I mostly use the Internet and then take breaks from it. (Even then, sometimes I’m just doing something else like watching TV.) but it should be where I take little Internet breaks & then do other stuff.

Because it’s fun for me & I get to express myself.

Isn’t this like the third thread about reddit that you’ve started…and none of them extolling the virtues of the site? I’m going side with the old man on this one.

There’s no way you can limit yourself to 2-3 times a week btw. I am on a strict twice a week schedule with THIS site and I’m like here every day. :woozy_face:

Reddit is addictive by nature.

Yeah see? That’s weird. Why does one need to take a break from the internet if it’s not too much of a priority?


Why don’t you have a talk with your Dad and tell him what you wrote here? He might understand and you guys can find some compromise. Would you be okay with him monitoring your activity? He’s probably just worried about some bad people harassing you on there.

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That’s why Reddit is the only online place I have where I can express more stuff. No hate against Forumosa, it’s a good place but there’s only a few stuff you can talk about.

My dad prohibited me b/c I once got a message from a creepy pedo. He didn’t doxx me but he did give me a creepy message. When my dad saw this, he was horrified and scared for me and wanted me to stay off Reddit. Luckily for me, getting nasty messages is really rare.

Well the audience is different. Clearly though, as your dad never seemed to be to be a curmudgeon, that you may be relying too much on Reddit to “express yourself.” I mean, I’m an old fart and I have no idea what that expression even means. Is it like you know…talking?

Why and why?

Your Dad is just looking out for you. Try to understand his perspective. I’d probably do the same in that situation. Like I said, talk to him and tell him what you told us. He’ll probably let you go back on it eventually, albeit with conditions.


To be fair, don’t you rely on Forumosa to express yourself? I often do.

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It’s probably nothing compared to what he wished he could do the pedo guy. :grimacing:


I’m not sure. I express myself when I paint or write. When I post? I’m not sure sure about that.

It’s nice but there’s a limited variety in topics to talk about.

I feel the same way, man.
I’ve seen screenshots of pedos posting on a pedo forum made by Nathan Larson. (If you don’t know who that is, he’s a felon/former politician who advocates for pedophilia and once death threated George W. Bush)
I felt a sense of bloodthirsty rage. I wanted them dead. Nathan Larson is a disgusting “person” if you can even call him that.

Thing is, I made a second account 3 months ago and he doesn’t monitor it. So… :grimacing:

But I’m not opposed to that idea. Maybe he could turn on my phone’s Internet on the weekends so that I can use Reddit on the weekends only. Yeah. I like that idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

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On Reddit?

See, when I was younger, I was more into aliens and ufos. These days, mindless fun may have a serious edge to it. Still siding with the old man. :slight_smile:

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No, these pedos are not on Reddit. I found it from a subreddit dedicating to calling out POS like that.

I’m not going to tell you whether that’s right or wrong. You do what you feel is right for you. But I think the best course of action is speaking to your Dad as I said. When you’re a teenager, you think your parents are out of touch and don’t understand anything… I know I did. But he probably understands more than you think. So just talk to him.