African Immigrants most Successful Ethnic Group in US (Beating #2 Indian, #2 E. Asian and #4 White)


Isn’t it what the article is saying?

You lost me again. I actually have no problem with either the article or the U.S. Census. My confusion regards the inference you are making from the two.

“The US is a land of opportunity for anyone. African Immigrants are the most successful group in US followed by Indians from Subcontinent then East Asians, then White.”

Whats confusing about that?

Yeaaah… I’m going to have to tap out here. Have a good day though. :slight_smile:

It’s a completely different picture when you are looking at the median income instead of the average income.

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You mean the median income within a race per the Census? Like Some Taiwanese are high earners but many are low earners so its skewed? Its broken down by race/ethnicity on average income within that race. Yes anytime you’re talking about averages vs median theres a difference but this time it would be more accurate because its not talking about the entire US Population.

Basically my point is this. There are too many Stats and Shows that talk only about Income Disparity of Black vs White making everything a black and white issue which creates hate in the US. When you add all races in you see the system isn’t as bad as what is being projected by the media. Sure it needs some work and its not perfect but I’d argue its a more fair system than most of the world when it comes to giving Immigrants and Minorities an even footing. When Asians are added to the equation whites are not even #1 on income. So is it a system made to benefit Asians ? Or perhaps its just a system that favors hard work, ingenuity, and education and rewards people based off effort, education, self motivation, etc more than it discriminates on skin color.

I don’t see any other country that offers Immigrants and People of Color as much fair opportunity as the USA

In the OP’s wikipedia link, African American’s median income is the lowest of all the categories. I don’t quite get the Australian American and Asian American boxes to the right side of the table. If they belong to the same table, then Australian Americans have the highest median house-hold income, followed closely by East Asians.

Yes African Americans have the lowest income, but Africans who immigrated to America have the highest, then South Asians (India) Then East Asians. So is income disparity in the US really so much about skin color/racism or is it more complex and about culture and victim mentalities as well? BTW I’m not saying discrimination doesn’t exist but I am saying its obvious you can’t blame discrimination for not being able to succeed in the US. On top of this what other country in the world offers people of Color and Minorities and Immigrants and equal level and opportunity for success than the US at a similar rate? Are Nigerians in China or EU going to be as successful as the Native Europeans or Chinese on Average? HELL NO

If Nigerians and Indians and East Asians can work the same system and become more wealthy than Whites on average then whats the excuse?

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The same wikipedia link has the median income by ancestry from 2016 and 2017.

  1. Australian American (2016) : $90,930
  2. South African American (2017) : $90,517
  3. Taiwanese American (2016) : $90,221
  4. Filipino American (2016) : $84,620
  5. Austrian American (2016) : $80,717
  6. British American (2016) : $79,872
  7. Iranian American (2017) : $78,005
  8. Russian American (2016): $77,841
  9. Japanese American (2016): $77,504
  10. Bulgarian American (2016): $76,862

So if new African immigrants have higher income, it might just be the South Africans and there are probably plenty of really white South Africans in those statistics.

The article speaks to the Black Africans success, not every list will include them but that doesn’t mean their success should go unheard. Why would anyone want to silence or downplay the success of the Black African Minority from Africa? That itself sounds like it has racist ulterior motives

My point is as you can see from the list its not about Skin Color which determines success in the US. BTW most Aussies Ive run into in the US are Asian. Australia is also very mixed so it would be racist to assume #1 are all white Aussies. I know lots of Indian and mixed South Africans also. #3 and #4 definitely not white. Why the need to push for the racist White vs Black agenda? Its incredibly dishonest, divisive and full of hatred. Its obvious income disparity is not about skin color/racism but other social issues. So long as the MSM keeps making it Black vs White we’ll never sit down to address the real issues. Unless its racism that favors Asians, Blacks from Africa and Indians above Whites which makes zero sense


I don’t see how population is seen as an advantage. They clearly have too many mouths to feed. It’s like India or Bangladesh.

Usually the fewer the ppl the richer the country is. There are some outliers (basically just East Asia) but it’s usually easier to manage when you have a small population and lots of land like Canada, Australia, Scandinavia etc.

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How to become Rich like Norway/Sweden

  1. Have a population of entire country smaller than the city of Miami.
  2. Claim a land mass rich with vast natural resources(Trees, Rare Metals, Fish, Oil) the size of 5 US States. Liberally spread 5 million population around.
  3. Discover huge amounts of Oil.
  4. Have endless trees and export them for Furniture and Paper. (2 biggest industries in Sweden)
  5. Run 90% of economy on exporting resources Oil, Paper, metals and Furniture.
  6. Sit back while Liberal Media thinks youre a miracle country(s) and point fingers at why the US and rest of EU/Taiwan/world cant do the same.

no need to develop high tech industries AI, Manufacturing, CE, or Finance etc like Japan, Taiwan, or Singapore

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I’m Asian, so this is from my Asian perspective. If my parents or grand-parents went through all the trouble to get the family to Australia, which is already a rich successful country, why would I want to immigrate to the US? The only reason I could think of is because I would do even better in the US. I think for people in the tech, medicine or financial industry, there are more opportunities in the US than Australia. So yeah, I’d imagine most of the people who made that move are pretty well off.

This only applies to Norway. Sweden has no oil at all and it’s a huge player in innovation. It’s also got 10 million ppl.

Sweden is more innovative than Norway yes, they have some tech industry. But their main economy and exports revolve around refining oil, making paper, furniture and some cars.

Imagine if Japan with a population of 126 million with a landmass like 1/3 of Sweden tried the N. European economy without developing its tech industry. Not everyone is so lucky to be born in a country with a tiny population within the EUs protection with vast natural resources its not like they invented anything big beyond Ikea and Saab(now gone?) but its more than enough for 5 million people. Hell even without Ikea each person can have enough lumber to build large log cabins and land to live off easily and fish without ever needing to develop any CE, AI, manufacturing, or finance sector.

They have a big market which has allowed them to develop an entertainment industry for the whole of Africa. Companies want to put their West Africa offices there to service the market and they have a huge talent pool. Nigeria is not a poor country by any stretch

Because you are mixing African Americans(who were once slaves and are poor and have low education levels) and immigrants from Africa who are wealthy and have very high education levels in one category

Sweden has 10 million people and is the 5th most complex economy in the world.

Excuse me?

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