After 'unhealthy' levels of pollution hit Taiwan, EPA calls for controls on 2-stroke scooters, diesel trucks, and power plants


Taipei Times front page had a photo of how bad it got at Guandu on Wednesday by the river. The day started out clear but by about 4pm it was thick as pea soup. It must’ve been farmers burning as that was the acrid smell of it. Usually when they burn off grass/foliage you can spot exactly where they are, but not this time. The city has signs posted in the area with a number to call threatening fines. It sucks I decided to ride that day. Thankfully though, it was gone and we were back to clear(er) air next day.


But then what do you do if you need change? :doh:


Light bulbs flashing in my head as concepts explode like a million stars.

For some Taiwanese this info would be too much, advise health warning.


There’s a number we can call for farm burning? I would be very interested to know what it is.

Edit: I called the EPA years ago for an excessive noise issue related to a construction site. They weren’t much help. They sent a guy out (they said) a few days later, but the no noise when the guy got there. I have also stopped a police car when I was hiking and pointed out to them the smoke from farmers burning leaves. They said they couldn’t do anything because it wasn’t their jurisdiction. They did warn them but the farmers were at it again the next day. So my question is, is there now a different number we can call (other than the EPA)?


163 on my mobile PM2.5 gear on the rooftop in Tamsui … :tired_face:


You’ve got your own gear to measure that? Part of me thinks that’s cool, and part of me thinks that’s a terrible idea that would ensure depression.

Yes, this morning the air quality was pretty good in Danshui, but a few hours ago darker clouds started coming in. I initially thought they were rain-dark. Nope. They’re grime-dark. The pollution’s spiked over the past five hours.


Yeah, we sell purifiers from time to time, so we got a high quality measure tool as well.

Just give you an idea on the PM2.5 readings:
-rooftop outside 12F; 163
-sleeping room (purifier location): 5-7
-rest of apartment after 10 min utilisation: 30-35
-public staircase: 72
-opposite identical apartment (no purifier): 85
All measured within 5 min an hour ago.
Have been staying for 15 yrs on the other side, history repeats :pensive:


So, you have a sucking device with filter on your mobile?


My camera got some difficulties to focus but u got the point.
First picture is inside non purifier apartment, just now, climbing.


M1 PM 2.5, 10 laser based particle detector


Am i the only one who noticed that the pollution is slightly better this year? I remember last year and all the years before that the AQI was constantly over 150 in the south since like October, but this year it kinda comes and goes. The red alert hardly lasts more than a few days.

It could be the wind though.


Thats because it hasn’t stopped raining for basically a month?

I don’t know how the weather has been down usually depends on the rain and yes prevailing wind has an effect.


I’m not talking about the north. In the north the smog is rare (relatively). The only bad day so far this year was last Wednesday. It’s just normal for the rest of the time.

And it almost never rains in the south.


I know I used to live there.
Then it may be prevailing winds or the rain in North is somehow washing out a lot of crap from China before it gets to the South. But I recall Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar are often the worst there. See what happens.

Or it could just be that you haven’t noticed the pollution .


Pollution levels in China, and the prevailing low level winds …


After I posted about the Guandu air pollution and the sign I was thinking, right, now where’s that picture I had… I’ll take a run through there again tomorrow and I’ll post what I find. As I recall it was a separate number and not the 1999 citizen hotline.