Age gap relationships

How common are age gap relationships in taiwan? I am a Bi F22 from the US and i wanted to know more about age gap relationships in Taiwan. In the US i dated some older partners and wanted to know how it is viewed in taiwan. Another question is how hard is it to generally find a age gap relationship? I feel like the whole “respecting your elders”/culture makes it harder to find one, since many of the kind of guys i like would not see me as the same “level” as they are and would see me as “below”/a kid. Not to say that i havent had that happen in the US, but it seemed a lot eaiser in the US. Honestly, im not even sure how to start one here, how open would taiwanese be to a relationship like this? Thanks in advance!

I am not so sure about the straight world but in gay world it is not so uncommon in Taiwan. Certainly, there are some who prefer having relationships with older people, and then vice-versa as well. In terms of international relationships where one partner is Taiwanese and the other is not, based on anecdotal observation only, the Taiwanese side tends to be the younger, and the foreigner then the older party of the relationship.

A lot depends on your lifestyle, what crowd you hang out with, and what your world view is. Also, it depends on how you meet your potential partners. Finding opportunities to meet in person (meetups, events, open lectures, volunteering, etc.) as opposed to relying on apps gives you an opportunity to show your personality, maturity level, etc., and attract people that might have set up their Tinder age filter higher.

It is true in any country that the more specific your preferences are, the more tricky it is to find a match.

All in all, there are many aspects that make relationships between people of different culture and background more tricky than those of people with similar backgrounds. I tend to believe that the age difference/preference aspect is not the most challenging one of those :slight_smile:


What’s a “Bi F22”?


I guess a bi woman who’s 22 years old.


Suppose it depends if you’re looking for a man or a woman, but it’s far from unusual. It works pretty much the same way in Taiwan as anywhere else - the woman in a m/f relationship tends to be somewhat younger than the man.

Unless you speak fluent Mandarin, the main problem foreigners face in Taiwan is the language issue.


If you’re looking to get older Taiwanese guys, I kinda feel like that’s an easier sell as a westerner in Taiwan, although expecting added maturity might not be a given. But that’s the same back home imo :sweat_smile:

I think as a general rule of thumb, as long as you look decent, the majority of men aren’t going to turn down a relationship with a younger woman.

How to start one here… Well that’s harder. Depends if you prefer more traditional routes (als meeting face to face somehow) or are ok with “the apps”

Best bit of advice I can give is do things you want to be doing – hiking, board games, etc – and hope for the best :sweat_smile: I’ve had decent luck meeting dates that way and I’d say I’m a not especially attractive but ok looking 23 year old dude (even though, according to many, I seem to look like I’m 16). Decent chance you might have to initiate tho.


It’s not very common in Taiwan, and you might find it especially difficult as a 22-year old.

A 52-year old may be ok with dating a 32-year old professional, but a 42-year old will much less likely want to date a 22-year old straight out of school.

Obviously, the main reason this isn’t very common is there is little reason for a 22-year old woman to want to date a much older man. If you are the young willing female, then I’m sure it won’t be as difficult.

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Age Gap relationships are so common that it’s like normal.

It’s off the wall 20-30 years difference for Taiwanese people. The same like 100 years or a thousand years or 2,000 years I guess if we want to be realistic and go to the history.

And also Taiwan man or woman depends on the relationship whatever will have you know you know another friend or two.

Old people are f****** with young people and young people are f****** old people male and female and female and male and male and male and female and female.

Taiwan is is probably similar to other Asia places age gap relationships.

Does Bi F22 mean you are a bisexual female? If so why are you looking to be in a relationship with guys? Or does Bi F22 mean you are a guy who identifies as female?

i am willing to bet that bisexual female is the case and in that case i think the looking to be in relationship with guys part explains itself, no?


Ok got it, had to google it, I always thought it meant only interested in one gender but looks like it means both genders

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das why its bi

love u jimmy


Except the obvious :dollar:

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Maybe in some third-world countries where there is a large wealth gap. Honestly a 42-year old in Taiwan doesn’t make much more than a 22-year old. :laughing:


This sounds highly unlikely.


Most 22-year-old makes $30k here, and most 42-year-olds make $60k. The extra $30k is barely enough for mortgage and entertainment expenses, let alone supporting another person. That’s why most 42-year-old men go the marriage route and find a wife who can also work to contribute to the household income.


Probably not the kinda 40 year old who marries a woman 20 years younger…


Most people in their 40s are on 60k? Is that right?

Maybe 90k if they’re in their late 40’s or early 50’s.

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I think it’s just wherever you go people are f#$king ?