Age of consent (2019 edition)

16 is not underage here?

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I split this from @brobronek’s thread because there are two different issues here: (1) Brobro wants to make a scrapbook of creeps in the news, and (2) people want to talk about the age of consent. I thought we already had a recent thread about it, but the only ones I can find now are from before my time, so here’s a new one.


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corrected — MINORS

Yeah it’s common enough and a bit weird.

The age for females is lower than males here , but the age difference is taken into account. Like a 15 year old can get married to an 18 year old but not a 21 year old or something roughly like that. So a 18 year old would not get into trouble for dating a 16 year old. That’s not 100% accurate but something like that. The judge has some leeway it’s not set in stone.

I’ve been told it’s actually quite common for older men to date teenage girls in Taiwan.

I suspect it’s very uncommon here as in most places. Maybe some of the poor rural folks

16 is the legal age in england too. in china i think its like 14.

no doubt the shit head who ran over 3 old people was dating the girl before she was 16 though.

and yea its pretty normal here. young, cute and innocent are the beauty standards.

And most importantly…very very VERY dumb

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So 16 is the age of consent for women or for men also?

18 is not some magic number. You don’t become an adult overnight on your 18th birthday. It’s a spectrum and 16 is on the lower end but I don’t think it’s a problem as long as it’s all consensual.

Ew. I hope you don’t teach secondary school. Or otherwise interact regularly with children. Because that’s what a sixteen-year-old is — a child. Period.

Most people aren’t emotionally mature until their early to mid-twenties. Some people never become emotionally mature, but at least by 26 or so your brain finally finishes developing to a point where you should be able to make informed decisions. At least in theory. But, idiots abound, as we see here every day.

Tell that to the girls’ parents. :roll:

If the man is wealthy enough, the girl’s parents are always on board. Money, money, money.


Nothing illegal about it in itself as far as I know :man_shrugging:

He didn’t indicate he wanted to do it himself. I think 16 year olds are about as capable of making decisions. In years past it would be quite normal to be married and reproducing then.

are you saying there is nothing illegal about a man over the age of consent having sex with a girl under the age of consent?

No I said there’s nothing illegal about them dating

in past years. or back when i was growing up, plenty of kids in school were doing it at that age. i wouldn’t recommend it by looking at how their lives turned out though.

Of course in recent years it’s a bad idea, since they have convinced us to spend our prime in education spending years of income for little to no real gain and the only way to make enough money is both spouses work full time. I mean farther back though