Air conditioner servicing

Any body know THAT guy who can come out to my place – DAPINGLIN MRT – and make my house livable again? Landlord is useless. THANKS!

Look for a small air conditioning shop in your area; you know, the one that constantly has a few dead a/c carcasses out front. It will have THAT guy and you can get him to come clean you and gas you up.

I can’t tell you specifically for your location, but practically every A/C seller/installer will send someone out to your home to service your A/C. Don’t expect them there in 30 minutes as this is peak season.

This next part may not help you, but our A/C installer does more than just sell A/C. We bought our Hitachi fridge from him for about $2500 NT cheaper than the big box stores. Other appliances can be purchased, delivered and installed by him as well. His prices are better than the big box stores. It’s a family run business that has been servicing the Taoyuan area for many years.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are businesses just like this one in your area. Ask around.


There is a guy named George in Dapinglin, runs one of those electricity and water system repairs/installations. He speaks a bit of English. I have his number at home, send me a message and I’ll get you guys in touch. Works fast and clean.

If the unit needs coolant, expect to pay about NT$2,500, depending on how much is required.

If having problems with the AC, normally one calls the place where one bought it -be it Carrefour, Zhang Kuan, Zhuenguo DienTzu, etc.- as they can arrange the unit to be serviced (all of the4se businesses have agencies in Dapinglin). OTOH, if you do not know where it was bought, you can still call the manufacturer -say, Hitachi service- (phone numbers available in your local cable guide), unless the thing is old, then a cheaper alternative is call the local shuidian -general repair service (with whom you should be familiar with, as they can go the extra mile for you).

Normally, it is just as simple as changing the coolant/giving the thing a real cleaning. You don’t wanna know the kind of stuff that accumulates in there…

For future reference: George Chow 02-29 11 32 27 or 09 35 115 663. Zhongxin section 3, alley 205. Look for the spare parts neatly in shelves, and a relatively clean living room. And no stuff outside.

Anyone know someone who can repair an air conditioner in Taipei City? Closest MRT is Shantou Temple. Mine has been on the fritz for 3 days and I can’t find anyone. I need someone who can speak a little English as my Chinese is very limited.

I tried the number Icon supplied above but whoever answered said “I no George, OK”?

If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it as it’s pretty tough to sleep without a/c in Taipei this time of year.


Well, George is in Xindian, so it might not help, anyway. If you called the office, his wife may answer -no Englishee- only mother in law and he do, so ask for the service you need: leng shi huaile!

Lemme have a look around, and I’ll get back to you. Awful being without AC in this heat.

Call 23928118 second floor Huashan Market

I sent you my number if you need help making the appointment.

What’s the cost just to get the aircon properly cleaned?

Bout 2K, more or less.

And to get you gusy all motivated with fixing your ACs in teh middle of a heat wave, some inspirational images:

6 Examples of Fine A/C Installation

Thanks Icon, Mr. Chien came this evening and checked my unit. Unfortunately he said the compressor was shot. He recommends getting a whole new unit rather than replacing the compressor so I am now shopping for air conditioners. He was here for only about 15 minutes but he did not even charge me for the house call. I was really impressed! Imagine a repairman in the west doing that.

Anyway I am posting in the Living in Taiwan forum for advice in air conditioner shopping so if anyone has any words of wisdom please post there. Thanks!

Guys, I’m sorry to be a little off-topic, but would you maybe know how to properly (and legally) dispose of an old and broken (most probably beyond repair) air conditioner?

Thanks ~~~

  1. Buy a new one. As per new laws, store can/has to take the old one for recycling. For free.

  2. There is a neighborhood large item disposal service. Phone number is usually found next to the lizhang’s on public bulletin boards.

  3. Talk to your local old paper/bottles/stuff recycling akon/ama. Sometimes they are happy to take large items to sell for recycling, to get more money.

Thx Icon.
I was finally able to sell to old AC to the repair shop close to my place. The guy kept smiling and shouting “spare parts!”, while pointing at the broken machine :slight_smile:

Hi… Are you still looking an air-con cleaner


I would like to clean my AC professionally (with water and so on) .
Anyone know someone who can do that for a decent price ?

Thank you

Aye aye captain! Did you find a person/company that cleans aircons? Can you please share the contact information? :slight_smile: I’m currently looking for this service as well. Thanks!