Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


You guys got it all wrong, trust the EPA instead of your wheezing lungs.:smirk:


The air in Taipei smells like a dead dog’s fart, wtf.


Sounds serious . . .

“Severe air pollution in Taiwan triggers emergency response”
… “Dust-prone roads were also being watered, . . .”


Regarding the view of the Environmental “Protection” Agency official (the one quoted in the Taipei Times article linked above): what a joke.



Today, my throat felt like I was in Beijing again.


What is that?


that is what is called an “outlier”:
a person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set


There’s something weird going on there. As for some of the other numbers, such as the adjacent moderate 74 and good 38, I have a hunch that if you see this kind of difference consistently (maybe a third of the time), it could be a difference in the placement of the detectors. For example, I see a worse number in Xizhi compared to say Songshan often, and I’m convinced the air is better in Xizhi. Detector placement? Well, that’s my little cynical theory.


There are civilians detector networks more representative of what is going on locally.
Taiwan govt hiding stuff.


Maybe that single detector was placed next to a Temple? :thinking:


Taiwan EPA plans to set up a network of 10,000 sensors within four years which will be a very big improvement and make people fully aware of the real pollution levels they are facing.


Does it ever to anyone?


They proved that living even 1-2 km from a busy road or freeway is very bad for you. It doesn’t matter if you live on it or within that range.


In Taiwan or regardless of country?


Anywhere. They found statistically significant health effects correlating with distance from the nearest “major” road, starting at 0.5km iirc. My question is how they define major.


So basically 80% of Taiwan qualifies since every road is major based on the traffic. I think I remember reading something like that which stated the amount of noise is bad for health, not necessarily the pollution.



It’s looking scary for next Thursday. Get all your workouts in this weekend and early next week.

We have almost always lived away from the major roads. I can smell the air getting better as I leave the major roads and head toward home. I try to tell locals this but they just shake their heads and wonder why we would want to live away from the main roads, and why we would be so stupid to buy our apartment not far from the base of a mountain.


My house is surrounded by rice fields and it takes 6 minutes by bicycle (if the only traffic light is red) to reach the closest 7/11. By local standards, I live in the absolute middle of nowhere, completely detached from civilization.


Anything larger than an alley?