Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


If the rent is less than 15k, I’d move there…after retirement.


We bought it, we’re giving back around 7300nt/month to the bank. We previously lived in Luodong, not far from the night market, and we were spending 8000nt/month on rent. So we’re saving money and the place is ours, not a bad deal for living in a godforsaken wasteland 6 minutes away from civilization!


What about landslides?


The main mountain ridge is about 100m away. There are two small hills that extend down and approach close to our building, but I don’t see those as posing any problems.


So after yesterdays great weather in Hsinchu, the air is back to shitty quality.
Taiwan Air Quality Monitoring Network says we have yellow quality (aroung 70), but it looks and tastes much worse today.

In the picture you can (not) see Zhubei.

#366 Comparing data on pollution sources in Taiwan’s air, a Taiwanese professor and former NASA employee has come to the conclusion that the single largest source of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in the country’s air is not from vehicle exhaust or power plant smokestacks, but rather China.


Geez, what a load.

Assuming the percentages are true, he picks out one thing from the Taiwan’s overwhelming contributions to its own pollution to make it it look like China is solely to blame.


The professor broke down domestic sources, why not do the same for oversea sources.

@yyy, do we need a thread for useless and obvious researches?


Active denial seems to be the preferred official approach to Taiwan’s pollution problems. I bet the EPA love this guy.

I saw another Taiwanese professor on the TV news a while back who had found that pollution from China accounted for only around 5% of the pollution in Taiwan on any given day.

I know who I believe.



It seems the forumers on forumosa has a keen eye for detail! I get tired of hearing skewed news report from colleagues in my office.


The discussion about Taiwan News continues…


Northern Taiwan has clear skies almost every day during the summer months.

When it gets cold in NE China, all of a sudden the skies in Taipei are shrouded in smog.

Not exactly a coincidence.


Yes, pollution from China does affect Taiwan.

However, in Central & South Taiwan, the skies are shrouded in smog on a frighteningly regular basis, particularly in winter. This is not due to pollution from China.


So according to his research Taiwans accounts for most of its own pollution.
The guy worked for NASA in the IT Dept, he’s not an environmental researcher anyway.


Yes but if you lived in central and southern Taiwan and see where it’s goddamn bad pollution and the wind is blowing from the south…well…Dont need to be a genius.


That’s why I said"northern" Taiwan. When we have nasty smog, it’s definitely from China.

Central and Southern Taiwan’s horrible air quality is homegrown and from China.


The prevailing winds come from the North-North-East year round.


Students need masks that filter PM2.5: foundation


I don’t really consider those days clear. It’s always sunny but still overcast higher clouds thinner layer. Not really blue sky during those days.