Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


Yeah I wouldn’t really equate Taipei rivers with good air quality. Fetid is the word that springs to mind.


Yes, wher can one get one here? I had one on loan from Taida, said Made in Taiwan. Is it very expensive?

I need to check air quality for Bobby.


We bought it long time ago in China, but maybe you can find them on Taobao with delivery to Taiwan.
You will find out that the air inside is as bad as outside :frowning: .
It is a Hanvon Blue Sky HWBM-M1, measuring PM2.5 and PM10, plus some others.


I got mine a few days ago from taobao; search 空氣質量檢測儀 for other options. The only downside is that there’s no language option so it’s stuck on simplified.


Thanks guys, but I’d rather but one made in Taiwan, with China being so secretive about their air quality, are you sure those thinsg have not been tinkered with?

Actually, wouldn’t necessarily trust Taiwan ones.

What has me worried are the spikes: sometimes during the day, the red light would go literally bonkers.


I agree about buying a local one, but either found overpriced trash or was actually made in China.

Mine seems trustworthy from my crappy tests:

  • Take outside, reading within 10% of local stations
  • Indoors it’s lower
  • Put it on top of the air purifier and it goes down to 1 or 0
  • Putting it in the closet and shaking the clothes makes it read worse than outdoors


I know what you mean, but in this case, I have no worries.

Further, there is no way to be sure on calibration anyway, and it is also not important, a reading of 183 is as bad as 157 for our health …
In general, it always reads slightly higher than any AQI reading for the same hour I can find.

And yes, it can spike, it is so sensitive, that even by holding it, it goes up … Now I should go wash my hands …


Just nipped out on a cheeky biscuit run. Its bad out there. Tbh its as bad as I can recall in 28 years here.


The light outside has a 40s movie quality.


I went out both days for cycling. Saturday morning I felt ok. I didn’t go hard nor did my fellow cycling buddies, but we all agreed after arriving home, it was a bit hard to breath. Sunday I stayed to the mountains, but it didn’t really help too much.

We try not to go too hard if we notice the air quality sucks, but the temp was too good to stay in this weekend.

I was actually a bit excited for the 70% chance of rain at 11AM…still dry here in Zhongshan. Probably the only time I’ll wish for rain.


Sorry, I forgot to indicate sarcasm. But I had a long workout at the Neihu Exercise Center this a.m., and was happy with the remodel there. New flooring, tons of new machines (which I generally don’t use) and free weights, for 50 NT/hr. There’s a separate room for TRX workouts. The airflow could be better in the main room, but not too bad.


But at least in the Riverside Parks you’re far from traffic - both the fumes and the noise. And the views are quite nice (except recently). And staying in Neihu the convenience factor is big.


Yeah, I’ve pretty much decided that if and when my wife and I move back here I’ll want to center my life around around activities on YMS - biking, hiking, etc. As you get older you just don’t want to screw around with your health if you help it. (And Taitung’s just too far from family).


Here in western Taipei it starts to look a bit friendlier. The wind has picked up and the distinctive smell that has lingered for days is also gone. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Well, nobody that exercises is happy about the air situation lately.

I’m glad to hear that the Sports Centers are remodeling and getting new equipment. They get run down fairly quickly. I’ll be doing (light) weights in a few months to get ready for a slight change to my exercise regiment for the rest of the year, so it’ll be the Sports Centers for me again!


Decent readings according to the aqi website today. Very curious how it compares to actual readings you are getting.


Taiwan…where not exercising is the healthy choice. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I hate how that’s true.


Today’s pm 2.5 is good, 46


Feels good, but doesn’t look good.