Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


For the past month






It can especially when they start worshipping their ancestors


My allergy is killing me but the extra medication knocks me out. Temporarily using a Japanese nasal spray which does the trick… of allowing me to breathe again.


Felt quite uncomfortable today morning riding a bike in Taipei. The numbers aren’t so bad but it felt more difficult breathing. Probably a combination of humidity, pollution and lack of wind.


Drove from Pingtung to Taipei this morning. Disgusting.


I’ve been having trouble walking up small hills. I can never seem to catch my breath these days, all while doing the most mild of activities. It’s depressing beyond belief.


You can find a lot of studies about how high humidity paired with high temperatures and pollution causes swelling in your nasal airways and sinuses, making it more difficult to breathe and get oxygen into your system (insert quip about slender adoga noses here). This also raises your heart rate, blood pressure, etc. Only fix is nasal spray to reduce the swelling, as @Icon suggested above.


I feel like I’m going to get asthma or something. I used to run marathons, now I struggle just to breath normally. LOL

Where can I buy this? What brand are you using? Sounds like something I unfortunately need as well.


Any Japanese pharmacy, like Tokyo Medical, most Taiwanese neighborhood pharmacies and if all else fails try Shanghai pharmacy.

Absolute magic, pure relief, safely made in Japan.

Don´t overuse though.


Thank you! :grin:

Is there some bad stuff in it?


Nope, worse, it will lose its effect.


Actually even worse than losing its effect. It can make it WORSE and your body becomes addicted to it.


All these medications have a BUT. They may help you BUT. For example, the antihistamines knock you out. You can’t abuse the spray either. So combine and combat: air purifier indoors, wear a mask outdoors.

It is going to be a long winter.


Another solution not yet listed: Leave the island for a couple of months during winter :wink:


Grow as many plants as you can in your house
Not only it’s fun and pleasant, but it is useful
Just one example, the first link I found


This vid isn’t smoke, nor fog. It’s juniper pollen here in Austin, TX. My body feels like it has the flu everyday. I’ll take the air pollution over this autoimmune BS. :tired_face:


Wow that’s an incredible natural phenomenon , but hell for hayfever sufferers!


I’m glad to be many thousands of kilometers from that. That would put me in coma, for real.


You can’t put too many plants in your house, they will pump out CO2 at night.


Nah, while it is true that they use O2 and release CO2, the amounts we are talking about are too low… I think. Otherwise people would die in the forests and jungles by night… even if they are open spaces.