Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


It’s not healthy anyway.


Generally photosynthesis consumes 6 molecules of carbon dioxide and emits 6 of oxygen and one of glucose. Respiration is essentially the reverse, however since plants respirate at a slower rate than they photosynthsize, there is a net gain of 2-3 molecules of oxygen per cycle.
And that would only apply if the room you were sleeping in was air tight which in that case you might want to kick out the humans rather than the plants. Animals sleeping under thick jungle canopies don’t just die from carbon dioxide poisoning. Are you living in a nuclear bunker or something BJ


You don’t need to lecture me in biochemistry believe me :).
I’m telling you having a load of plants in a sealed apartment or small bedrooms that are common in Taiwan are not going to be good for you! One reason is because there will be more CO2 at night, and there are many other reasons. There’s a reason that you don’t see apartments full of plants here.

I didn’t say they would kill you did I .


Yeah, that’s the thing: I’m sure one person, leave alone two, consume much more oxygen than 10 plants of Juana.


Tell us what that reason is. Obviously that plants are systems that release more oxygen than CO2 can’t be the reason.


Not at night when you are sleeping. Imagine you are in a small bedroom with poor circulation, sleeping all night and then you fill it with a load of plants. How is that healthy for you ?

There are lots of problems with humidity, mould, pollen, insects and pests. Ants and bugs will be all over your house.


Insects is the first thing that came to my mind. Not sure how plants affect to the levels of mold in an apartment. Pollen… come on, just a few plants… unless you are allergic to those plants, they shouldn’t be of any concern.


Again, they don’t consume much oxygen. I guess that hours of light is also a factor here, but probably they release more oxygen during the day time than the one consumed by night.


Plants needs moist or semi moist soil. Cactus, maybe you are ok.


The oxygen released during the day doesn’t necessarily stay in your house. But if you are sleeping in a small bedroom you are continuously respiring the oxygen and emitting CO2. So while the O2 level is decreasing the CO2 is increasing from both you AND the plants. Don’t see how that could be good for anyone.


Again, what percentage do the plants represent in the total of O2 consumed by night by you (and your couple) and the pants?



My pants :astonished:


That blog post is rubbsh . We need higher humidity ?


Higher than… what? there’s an ideal humidity level range, and then there are lots of places with a humidity level far from that range.


Also it tries to do a hit job at concerns about CO2, saying the scare stories are about small amounts of CO2, but doesn’t explain what might happen in a small bedroom with the door shut and a whole bunch of plants and yourself stuck in it . Unhealthy !



Ugggh nice source masala…


All the answers seem to point in the same direction, but I’m going to quote this one:



yea, think i’m gonna have to invest in one this year. its rank recently and its only going to get worse come winter.