Air purifiers, a wise investment?


Are these things actually worth the coin (most start around 6G) + the extra electricity,
or are they just too small to make much of a difference?



Not one response???


I had one in Taiwan and it made a world of difference to me. I suffer from allergies and am a clean freak, and it definitely kept the air much fresher and clean smelling. Totally worth the investment.


It might be worth it like Indiana said. I guess it depends on where you live and how the air quality is in your part of town, whether you open your windows or not, whether you have pets, or smoke, or cook a lot.

We’ve had ours for three months now, but it’s been unplugged for the last two. It’s a Made in Japan Daikin, and cost a pretty penny, but I haven’t needed to turn it on. We live in a high rise and the air quality is pretty good in this part of town. It does give off some sort of smell, I think it’s supposed to be a “cleaner” smell, but I’m very sensitive to smells right now so it actually makes me want to vomit :laughing:

Most people I spoke with recommended an air purifier, but we haven’t needed to use it. Maybe once spring and summer hit we’ll need to start using it.


Do you guys close the windows and then use the air purifier? can you guys recommend some good models?

moved into a condo apartment in downtown Koahsiung, my pc air filter gets dirty really fast vs when I was about 45 min from downtown Koahsiung. And about every 2 days my nose will get filled up while before it gets filled up when I go out.


Yes, just like using a dehumidifier, you should close the windows to get the best result.


will a DH take out pollution in the air as well?


Reading through the pollution thread has me wondering whether it’s worth it to get an air purifier.

Do you have one? What kind? Do you think it really makes a difference in terms of comfort and cleanliness in your living space?

I see a lot of dehumidifiers that have an additional air purifying function, but I think it would be better to buy a dehumidifier for dehumidifying only, and get an air purifier separately if I think I could benefit from having one. Just not sure if it will really help or not.


My heart almost stopped while reading this. You don’t have an air filter? GO BUY ONE RIGHT NOW. Don’t you live in Taichung? (which sucks for AQI levels). The air will be horrible this winter. Go to B&Q and pick one up.


Don’t fall for it. Those are absolutely garbage. If you want a dehumidifier get a dehumidifier. Most combo air filter / dehumidifiers aren’t good quality hepa grade air filters.


I live in Taipei but it’s been pretty smoggy up here too. I guess I better get one.

Any particular brand you’d recommend?


Lucky. You just don’t get BTFO as bad

Just go check out B&Q or carefour and look at brands you recognize. Ask some sales lackey to help you out and compare prices/features. Make sure you get one that’s HEPA grade and can filter PM.2.5 particles.

If you’re not in a rush I’d check out amazon. I was looking at buying another air filter at carefour and I found the exact same unit on amazon for half the price. Amazon might be your best bet tbh, but go check out some of the ones in physical stores in Taipei to see what you’re looking for.


Important to read what your air purifier can actually do. Some do a poor job removing pollutants. Some even will create a ozone and cause irritation to your lungs.


Honeywell or 3M for air purifier.

Panasonic, Mitsubishi or Sanyo for dehumidifier.

I have pets with allergies. Clean air is not an option. Where I live, humidity makes rivers down my walls.


If you have the money, add Daikin to the list of air purifier brands to check out. As a plus, Japanese brands almost always have a smaller footprint (i.e. they are more compact) than their US counterparts.



There’s tonnes of choices for air purifiers, I’d go with Japanese or 3M but even some of the Chinese brands make decent ones now like Mi. Just need a hepa filter. For dehumidifiers I highly recommend Hitachi . I used to have the old Honeywell but it’s too big. The thing about the filters though is that they can be expensive for a lot of brands.


This I have certainly noticed. I browsed my local 全國電子 today and, after seeing the price tags, decided it’s probably best I retreat and do some more research before making a decision. It’ll probably take some time since the vocabulary involved ventures into unfamiliar territory for me. I think I might try searching PTT and see what the locals recommend.


Saw the Sanyo for almost 7000 NTD. There are many options budget wise. You can also check Costco. Both of these stores have good guarantee policy. The infamous yellow one does not.


Bought a Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier for 2000 NTD. It has a 2 stage Purifier HEPA and choice of Chemical or Bacteria. The replacements cost only 500NTD and it has a huge filter.

The other things that clean air are certain houseplants.


How big is your space, and how big is the purifier itself?