Air quality in Taichung

@gain, listen. Listen to this:

Wowowowow, I’m just joking around gain.:sunglasses:

Yes, I know your sources are objective and HARD, but my anecdotal and personal experience says otherwise. (I didn’t link and blogs tho)

There really is no point in bickering back and forth as your not living and Taichung anymore and can’t see how things actually are firsthand through anecdotal and personal experience. LOL


It’s no use … Gain has left the room … will never post on this thread again …shame , I see the point , I breathe in the reality though

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I think this thread is a good example of political fanaticism and crazy guitar solos.

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That is simply not possible as it wasn’t like it was awful for months thens suddenly got better the few days before. It was mostly FINE, with a few bad days here and there.

Basically a couple of bad days are enough to make one think that it’s always like that. Go on that blog posted here. That guy was saying that “you can rarely see blue skies nowdays in Taichung”, which is utter bullshit.

And just because 3 people say it’s been getting worse doesn’t mean they have more credibility. I can find a bunch of people arguing otherwise as well.

I stopped living there until 3 months ago, not 30 years ago.

Gain, I thought you said you were “done”. But you’re still posting. What’s the point of all of this now (this thread)? You have your views and others have theirs and nobody is going to be convinced by the opposite arguments.

Gain, did you ever exit your house when you were there ?
Maybe you were too busy with your hobby ?

@Gain I know you have a rather pessimistic view when it comes to things in Taiwan, that’s why I like you, but why do you see this particular aspect of Taiwan in such a positive light?

You honestly believe air quality is improving in Taiwan?

Really difficult to filter out the useful information in this thread

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I’m not seeing this aspect in a positive light. I’m seeing it in an objective light. Which you ALL refuse to do so.

Yes. It was a lot worse. I never once said it’s good. I’m only saying that it’s improved (for the most part). YOU people are the ones who keep putting words into my mouth as if I was saying everything’s perfect.

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Dunno if it’s been awful, super awful, or worse, but people in general complain about TC pollution more than more in the North.

It’s not just 3 people, it’s the majority of people saying that.

Of course people in general complain about pollution more in Taichung than in the north BECAUSE IT IS WORSE. I’ve never once said it’s not worse. My whole point is that it’s not as bad as it used to be.

Majority who? Only like 5 posters are replying to this topic.

I don’t believe it was a lot worse unless you show me the data. Worse than when ? Because any resident should be able to tell you it got significiantly worse around the 2005 to 2014 time period. I happened to live there around the 2010 to 2014 time period . Which also coincides with ramping up of the power plant by 50% and massive industrial and city expansion. When I was there they added another TSMC plant that thing was the size of ten football fields ! The central science park barely existed in the early 2000s, now it’s enormous. Also the city’s population has been growing at up to 40k a year from one report that I read. Again any resident of Taichung will be familiar with the busier roads and the weekend traffic jams.

I believe Taichung MAY have gotten slightly better over the last three years , but I’m not sure about that.

And people living there say otherwise. Or 90% of the people who live there and have expressed an opinion on that.

And the friend I asked today has the same thing to say.

Just when I thought we were on the same page you had to use the word “objective”.

Nothing would make my life better then having you be correct on the AQI situation, but why do I see it in such a negative context if it’s objectively getting cleaner/better? Do I have some type of mental illness?

You can say it gain. I won’t be offended.

I’ve never said that it wasn’t bad from 2005 to 2014. They were really bad, and I also lived there from 2009 onwards. Btw the powerplant started its expansion in the 90s, that’s when it started become really bad.

That’s all I’m saying, and I have already posted my evidence. You just chose to ignore them.

Oh so now you know 90% of the people living in Taichung?

Ok so 4 people have said the same thing. Doesn’t make it true.

You live next to the power plant. I’m talking about living in the city.

Oh so now you can’t read?

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Guys, there’s only one way to settle this for good: