Taichung air pollution. The residents poll

We have a small crisis here in Forumosa. It seems that we can’t agree on what has happened in the last 10 years, if air pollution has worsen or perhaps improved. ( https://tw.forumosa.com/t/air-quality-in-taichung )

I’m especially interested in knowing the opinion of mid-long term residents.

@Gain please vote only one time, don’t create multiple accounts or I will report you to @tempogain who will go all the way to Europe to kick your ass multiple times.

In your experience, how is air pollution in Taichung evolving?

  • Air pollution is overall getting worse
  • Air pollution is overall getting better
  • Air pollution is shit, and I can’t really tell if it’s improving or worsening
  • Man, what air pollution are you talking about?

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Voted …Once.

You great mofo, now you are saying you can’t tell if it’s getting better or worse? xD

Correct I cannot tell if it is getting better or worse…NOW. All I know is it is bad.

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BrianJones and mofo in the same sentence… That pleases me well, lol

Yeah man stick it in your bedroom and lock the door. So glass hearted.

Technically they aren’t in the same sentence because one of them is just not there :smiley:

I didn’t follow the other thread, but I’ve lived in Taichung 6 or 7 months 6 years ago so I’m obviously entitled to vote.

Which result will generate more butthurt among the community? Asking for a friend.

We were bullying @gain but @Brianjones and @shiadoa chickened out last minute.

I’m going to proxy vote for my friend, who said it’s clearly getting worse.

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It’s clearly getting worse. I’ve been to Taichung a few times for work in the past year, and only a climate change denier could support the idea that things are getting better.


Thanks for participating!

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Looks like we have some shills attacking the poll and trying to interfere with our forumosa.com democracy.

When will they learn…



Ok that’s funny

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The air here is worse now than when I came 15 years ago. I had to upgrade my pollution mask to a Respro two years ago. Before that, I was using the 3M 8577 for a couple of years. Before that, I only needed to use one of those NT$22-24 charcoal-filter surgical masks from the convenience store. So, yes, a steady and obvious progression from bad to worse. Ironically, the air hasn’t been too, too bad this year, but I chalk that up to election-year manipulation on the part of the government.

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Can you confirm on your location?

The thread is about the air in Taichung, isn’t it? The “here” in my post is Taichung.

took me a while to notice who voted for the “what pollution” option…well played, sir!

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I honestly believe this too. Are we conspiracy theory idiots, or is there something to this?

Those masks don’t do anything to prevent the PM2.5 particles from entering your bloodstream. I’m glad you switched it up.

The government needs to come out and tell people that wearing a surgical masks does nothing to prevent those harmful air particles entering our lungs and vascular system.