Taichung air pollution. The residents poll

I voted because I believe in democracy and in being a democracier. However I wouldn’t really know seeing as I’ve never lived there.

It rains a lot in Taipei. Can we vote on that?


taichung was the place I landed after two years in middle-of-nowhere Australia, so the difference in pollution was quite severe. Then moving to middle-of-nowhere in Yilan I noticed a really huge improvement.
Now when i have to go back to the west coast for work it’s easy to spot the difference between Yilan, the Taipei area and anything south of Hsinchu.


Yeah, well, and I appreciate your participation here but I guess that the question is if the air is getting better or worse in Taichung. You don’t need to show off how clean the air is in Yilan, we already know what the effect of 7 days a week of rain is, thank you.


Depends. Would you vote for more or for less rain in Taipei? actually I haven’t made my mind what I want, but since there’s no official referendum on this, who cares…

There’s an election every other year, just so you know.

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You agree with us that the government manipulates the flow of pollution during the elections?

Certainly that which emanates from their mouths.


According to your logic, in every election year the air quality should be better, but that is clearly not the case (not to you anyway).

I’m just thinking out loud Gain.

The air seems to get better right around the time of the elections, then it goes back to being shitty again.

The air quality is good right now though, should we put that on our newly selected KMT mayor?:grinning:

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You are contradicting yourself. You said it goes back to being shitty again and it’s good right now. Is it not after the elections now? Is there another election coming next week?

It was about to start getting shitty again, luckily our newly selected KMT mayor is living up to her promises and fixing the air. (Pro-tip, it’s just because it’s raining and will go back to being shitty tomorrow) look forward to me posting the shitty AQI results in the AM.

Overall the air quality is getting worse and worse every year. Sometimes we have good days sometimes we have bad days, but it’s definitely not improving.


I think she made it rain.


You just said this year has been fine. Is 2018 not a year?

If it’s raining it’s a-okay!

I don’t think I said “this year it’s been fine”

You have in the other topic.

What I was trying to say is that so far this winter the air has been lookin good, but it’s still too early to tell. :wink:

And if history tells us anything it’s that we will probably get BTFO with particles this winter.

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January and February this year was winter too.

Just give it time.


Oh the new mayor of Taichung is a she? no wonder the air is going to shit, smh. Haven’t they learned anything from other female leaders like merkel, may and justin turdo?

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I need to consult my personal air quality journal when I get home and check a few of my entries during that time period.