Taichung air pollution. The residents poll



You do that.


It looks like I predicted the future a little bit.


If nothing else, I admire your IT skills. Keep it up!


Maybe the KMT can pull off cleaner air, better economy and better stock market. Fingers crossed.


You’re assuming that a better economy and a better stock market is what people want. But if those things also involve closer/friendly ties with China, some are more than willing to settle for a worse economy & worse stock market for Taiwan.


People here don’t really know what they want . To be honest who can blame them it’s a fucked up situation . It’s no use being Tibet and it’s no use being North Korea. It’s somewhat better being Taiwan status quo but it’s a road to nowhere too. In the meantime on the road to nowhere they could do with more money especially in the South.


No idea what other people want. It’s what I want.


A lot of people want a better economy.
They deserve a better economy in as much they deserve the chance to have a better life.

Shit I was just in a restaurant eating my hundun mian and I just felt really bad for the young proprietors…too many restaurants …not enough customers. And that’s New Taipei city not exactly the poorest place in Taiwan.


The air was bad this spring (2018), maybe even a little worse than usual. The air this fall has been better, possibly because of government intervention around election time. There wasn’t an election this spring, so there would’ve been no reason to do anything for the air pollution–if that is indeed what they are doing. Governments often hope for voters to have short memories.

I don’t have a horse in this political race, but I’m not going to sit back and let someone misrepresent reality.


That’s also what I want. Achieving that is hard and achieving that while having hostile relations with the world’s 2nd largest economy (soon become the first) which is just next door is even harder. But for some, it seems being anti-China is more important than anything else. And of course that latter attitude is also understandable given China’s whole aim is to unify you against your will. As mentioned earlier, its a fucked up situation indeed.


I failed to predict your nail colour choice :laughing:


I was in Taichung this spring and I know for a fact that this was not the case.


At this point you’re just making yourself look bad. Whatever your angle or motive is, you’re done.


More like the famous restaurants are getting all the customers. If the economy is so bad, how do you explain the ridiculous crowds on weekends queuing for a table?


I’m obviously not the only one who thinks so, judging from the poll.


That’s your answer? To say that you’re not the only one who was wrong.


Why must you be so snarky? Did I personally offend you by claiming that it has gotten better?

Btw I’ve got statistics to back my claim up.


You have permission to use my graph as a statistic if you’d like.


I don’t disagree with your graph at all. It reflects my experience: it’s not good by any means, but it’s improving. And this year so far has been actually passable.


We live in a post-truth world where facts don’t matter anymore. The goal is to push a political agenda and cause as much discord along the way. I am offended by this and those who use these tactics. I do not know you personally.