Taichung air pollution. The residents poll



Except that a) your “facts” aren’t necessarily “facts”. You just think they are facts.

And b) I’m not pushing any political agenda.


Creating discord can be the agenda. It purposely riles things up, muddies the water, and causes disunity. It distracts.

Now stop what you are doing here and do something productive to help the air situation.


Gain’s not even in Taiwan from what I hear from others. How can he do anything to help the air situation in Taichung? Also, he’s not creating much discord because most everyone else here has taken a different view.


You have beautiful cursive script…and nails!


Why thankyou
EDIT: sorry I thought that was to me


Upload photo and I’ll be happy to provide an assessment. But not many gearheads have pretty nails in my experience.


I don’t repair them ; I wear gloves when driving racecars. Sad to say my hands are bereft of any signs of hard work. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, yeah. That’s what all the oh-chius say…



I thought he was more in the wrecking business. :sunglasses:



the poll is asking on peoples experience. Any options can be true.


Yeah, but no, they are discussing about what’s up, not what the poll says.


I think we should have a ban on introducing his excellency Donald the Trump into Taiwan threads. It’d be for the best.




You may disagree to any repression.


147 Unhealthy

for Sensitive Groups

Updated on Friday 14:00

Temp.: 27 °C

Damn these pesky “facts”. Welcome to the reality. Must just be another one of those “rare” days.


And i thought this thread had already exhausted itself. here we go again…brace yourselves…


It never rains in Taichung. That’s almost a true fact :).

Gain has got his 6 foot 3 average Taiwan binoculars out in London right now, he’s squinting through them to adjust to his unusually big head and small eyes , now he’s looking right at your face and …crystal fecking clear you still look like Piece Brosnan in GoldenEye waterskiing down the Thames what fecking pollution ~


You lied to me!