Air quality in Taichung

I lives there for years and while I was there it visibly worsened, not coincidentally while they expanded the Taichung power plant and factories (central science park ) and the population also increased. I lived there continuously for many years. Taichung govt fakes the statistics using sensors in the mountains to average it out (they can claim guguan and hehuanshan is Taichung city ).

I also lived there continuously for many years. It was far worse when I was in high school.

No. There are sensors all over the city.

They twist the numbers. Also PM2.5 wasn’t even monitored properly until a few years ago.

Im telling you that where I lived pollution got visibly worse over a number of years. I don’t care if you don’t believe it.

Don’t trust Taichung govt numbers.

Even if it got slight better or not it’s still absolutely terrible.

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t’s already the end of November, how many bad days (red or orange) has there been this year in relation to when Hu was the mayor? You can count them with just your fingers.

You won’t feel any effects from 3000 miles away. Whatever the “figures” quoted, I only have to look out from my balcony to see and smell the smog…probably a handful of days when it is ok …not any more reliable than checking the weather forecast on your phone.

With the announcement that Taipower was going to accede to the mayor’s demands on cutting the amount of coal burned at the Taichung Power Plant by 24 percent, the battle was on and the mayor was finally able to fight back.

Immediately, things got contentious. KMT mayoral primary candidate legislator Johnny Chiang Chi-chen (江啟臣) pointed out that the claimed reduction of 24 percent, or from 21 million tons of coal to 16 million tons, was based on the permitted consumption maximum, not actual usage, which in the last three years has averaged slightly less than 18 million tons.

18 fucking million tons a year !

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A few years ago the Taichung power plant used to burn 12 mlion tonnes a year but now it averages 18 million tons a year. Do the math.

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They didn’t. You are buying KMT’s propaganda. And it was THEIR fault that the pollution is bad. Hu was the mayor of Taichung for like 10 years.

So you’re saying that when you look out from your balcony now you would see smog? Don’t be ridiculous. I have windows at home too. I am many miles away now but I wasn’t until 3 months ago. I saw nothing of the sort 95% of the days.

Idk why people keep getting so worked up over the power plant. Yes it’s a big one, but it also supplies ~8 million people’s electricity, which is Switzerland’s entire population. The fact that it emits the same amount of CO2 as Switzerland does is nothing worth writing home about.

The Taichung power plant expanded by 50% in 2006 …More pollution ! Utilisation rate probably increased when nuclear started coming off line.

Central science park also expanded massively while I lived in Taichung . Sometimes you would smell noxious gas as they released it at night.

Also population has been increasing meaning more vehicles.

Sorry but that’s ridiculous. In the 2000s the entire country was far more polluted than it is now in 2018.

If you live near the science park then it probably has gotten worse, but for most people living elsewhere it has gotten much better.

It hasn’t gotten better in Taichung. Maybe it’s stabilised at most. The argument is fairly irrelevant anyway because it is still extremely unhealthy and an environmental disaster…Hence new mayor.

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If you look at AQI Taichung’s air quality has been pretty ok this year (other than a few bad days). Calling it an environmental disaster is pretty OTT.

It’s not OTT. It is an environmental and health crisis. Do you think badly polluted air is not an environmental disaster ?

It’s not good, but it’s getting better. If you have an app you’d realise that other than Kaohsiung (actually even Kaohsiung isn’t as bad as before, usually around this time it’s non-stop red alert across the south), Taiwan’s air pollution level this year is tolerable/stable. Taipei’s almost always green the whole year and Taichung hasn’t had that many orange days either.

Wow…it must be foggy all those times . Maybe my vision is failing . I see all the way down Taiwan Boulevard and towards the mountains…except when many days …I cant see them
.must be all in my imagination because the ":Government AQI must be right.

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Taipei is good when it rains, if it doesn’t rain much it can get pretty nasty too I noticed. Its definitely not healthy, I can smell the soot in the air sometimes from my balcony even in Taipei and haze is often very obvious. My family often has to take antiallergy pills still. Better than the other West coast cities obviously.

The visibility is 10 km now so your vision is probably failing.

I wonder why that never happened to me when I’d always been living there.

Maybe you smoke too much ?


You just believe in what you want to belive. Your stubborness is making you extremely unobjective.

The coal plant also emits tonnes of sulphur causing acid rain. Also heavy metals and radioactive particles.

Traffic is a really big contributor too, there are many more vehicles in Taichung compared to twenty years ago.

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