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I’ve flown business with BA twice, and both times I was unimpressed. First time they lost my luggage and made zero effort to find it. Second time was in the middle of a strike, which meant mealtimes involved a sandwich and a banana; they sent me 50 pounds worth of BA vouchers by way of “apology”. I will never fly with them again, ever, and will tell anyone who’ll listen not to fly with them.

Speaking of BA. They canceled by flight last night back to London and booked us with Lufthansa in economy even though we booked business. I don’t understand why they switched us to Lufthansa because it’s another airline alliance so we had to sit there and wait forever without access to the business lounge because it’s not the same airline alliance.

The service is shit. Everyone we spoke to was rude and gave no shit. No one tried to help or give us information and now I have to waste my day trying to reach BA to see if we are getting some kind of refund or something.


That must have been annoying. Surely they have to give you a partial refund for that?

Are you guys still sitting there? I’ll say hi next time I’m in the neighborhood.

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This is the annoying part. No one told us anything and now we have to spend the time to figure this out trying to contact them making this even more annoying.

BA has good ranking here compared to EVA air, I only flew BA to EU from Enland, so maybe longer flights are better. But the lounges in London is great and also in Singapore. I also like ANA airlines, this flight had best business for me.

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I don’t know how that survey was done but it’s extremely suspect with some of these Chinese ones in there.

Once again I’m in Heathrow and my BA flight is delayed. I believe this is the 5th straight BA flight that has been delayed.

And the thing is, my experience is with flying business with them and I think it’s awful. Flying economy before and you’ll feel truly treated like a piece of shit peasant they think you are. Asking them for anything and it’s like you shot their mom.


The only thing BA have going for them is they have a lot of routes.

They are the least worst airline for me flying out of Heathrow.

And I’m very curious on why on every BA flight there is always 1 gay flight attendant. I have 0 issues with this, but after a while you just wonder why every single one has one that you just for sure know is gay. Is it a job gay British men gravitate towards as I’ve not seen this in any other countries airlines?

BA is a shame both short and long haul. Just a disgrace and not cheap either, but service quite crapoy and the attitude… Better with Virgin if u want to fly English, or even easyJet…

Once again another shitty experience with BA and I’m hoping there’s not delays as that would make it 6 in a row.

The check in today decided to say fuck it and put everyone in the same checkin line because one of the staff was late. Even after the late staff arrived they didn’t try to fix the situation. So all their business flyers, gold and silver members were all stuck in the same line with everyone else. Which became extremely long and probably a 30-45min check in time by the end. Some of us count on the fast checkin and don’t rush to the airport.

What’s the point of flying for their loyalty program and paying extra for the privilege of business class if we are going to be treated like shit. When asked, we just got rudely told to to the line. I’ve witnessed multiple people flying business or high member tiers get confused seeing a single long line and tried to asked and was rudely turned away.

I had to fight with them to get the priority tag only checkin luggage and they insisted I have to check in my carry on for this full flight and I had to remind them I’m flying business and I’ll have plenty of room.

You don’t treat your loyal clients this way.

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At least BA are egalitarian. Everyone gets treated like shit.


They can save money if one of staffs drove to a local M&S food hall, nice cheese plate better than I got in any airline for 9 quid (ApoxNT$330). Has a nice trip Reading on the train and nice food in Reading from the suggestions on the other tread.


seems relatively common in the US.

I think they’ve given up on actually cleaning the plane now because they’re always delayed. I can’t remember the last time my flight was on time. Must be months now. The cleanliness is appalling these days.

They need to be downgraded to 3 stars. This not 4 star airline.


Why do you keep using them?

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My business is based near Heathrow, their home base. They go to all the places in need to go in Europe from London. They are probably the least worst of all the UK airlines.


That makes sense. I feel your pain.

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I hope I get to spend more time in Asia in the future. Europe has many amazing things but customer experience is not great.

What a disaster. Why is everything in the UK so shit.