Airlines - Eva Air

Offering business class meals to everyone on the plane that wants to pay a little extra. Until the end of 2022.

on flights from Taipei to the United States, Canada, Australia, and nonstop to Europe


Probably able to get some decent publicity from this stunt.



I am flying in November and I will definitely try the business class meal.


But can they fit it all into the Galleys on Economy class?

plant-based crepes filled with chopped truffles and accompanied by an apricot tart

That can get messy.

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They need to be careful not to devalue their business class experience. The passengers are sat there before economy for a reason.


Brilliant idea, honestly. As long as it’s a little extra, and not a lot extra.

EDIT: Read the article. An extra $25 is definitely reasonable not to eat prison food on a long-haul flight.


Yeah it’s really smart marketing. When you’ve spent well over 1000 on a flight no one would blink twice for $25 more.

Besides what decent meal can you get with $25 in America these days?


In my opinion, 99% of the value of business class is for those beautiful seats.


They “offer” “meals” to Taiwan as well. jeepers!

Just kidding, but seriously the family mart EVA microwave dinners are really shyte.

how are the business class food options on the plane? I never liked airline food, but pre covid I always was willing to eat EVA, korea and JAL meals. they were decent enough, kind of like mini 711 meals with far more wastage.

What are they serving in business class that is worth even $25? Genuinely curious.

other than alcohol of course.

I found these on a blog.


I am flying on November as well, prefer to spent 25 on beer


I usually prebook one of the “special meals” in economy for free and they’re pretty good. I get the Indian meal which is usually 2 curries and rice, sometimes even with a small piece of naan. Not a bad deal if you ask me…


Just like up in the air! Never been a fan of this airline’s soft product.

To this airline’s credit however they are not famous for crashing, which many Taiwanese understandably view as a plus.


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I wish British airways would let me opt out of business class food. I wouldn’t feed my dogs that garbage they serve. I’d gladly take even a £5 discount to not eat what they give me. Idk how British people on the flights eat it.

Eva air business food is solid. They at least have the decency to let you pick western food or Asian food.

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You can do that, I do ! the only good food I found was on Japan Airlines. I often eat in the lounge, and try sleep on the plane. Even EVA offered DinTaiFung in business, it did not excite me at all.

haha, as side note tonight in Manchester I saw a EVA lounge in the central area Gay/Chinatown area, checked the reviews and does not sound good. Though lot other places with cheap drinks in the area


I didn’t read the link - ahhh, you have to pay, had to be a catch.

For $25 you can have half a dozen burgers at the airport before boarding the plane.

At least on the outbound flight. On the way back from the US or Europe, you can afford one burger if you’re lucky.

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I suppose that’s one way to get some sleep on a long flight—fast food binge eating meat stupor. :neutral_face: