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“Michelin Guide recommendations”? :thinking:


third among the Best Airports in the World for Food

a wide array of delightful options

a rich and culturally diverse dining experience

That’s hilarious. Are they definitely referring to the Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan? Do they mean that little food court in the basement, or the 7-11 on the way down to the bus stops? :laughing:

I wonder how much they had to pay to get on this particular silly list. Since the first time I arrived there, I’ve always considered Taoyuan Airport quite poor in terms of food options. Third best in the world? Really? :laughing:

These travelers apparently couldn’t find the rich and culturally diverse dining experience either:

There is a large absence of food opportunities, pathetic seating availability, and endless miles of duty-free junk. Be prepared to sit on the floor. I hope you don’t want coffee or really any food at all. If you don’t eat, drink, or sit, and all you require in life is Gucci, Rolex, or a $500 bottle whiskey, then this is the place for you.

This airport is bizarre and bizarrely bad. It largely consists of very long and narrow walkways and it takes quite a long time to get from place to place. But what is bizarrely bad is that almost all the restaurants and coffee shops are concentrated in a single place. To get food or coffee, you may well have to run down walkways for 20 minutes, then run all the way back to your terminal, passing by Lego stores and Gucci nonsense and no food in sight. This sounds (and feels) like a joke - but it is not. It is a comically badly designed and managed airport. The staff were nice though.

Hardly any seating in corridors, no waiting lounges with very scarce options for food and drink. Many shops full of overpriced, far too much luxury branded junk.

Had a 4 hour layover in Taipei Airport on our way to SFO and we’re looking for a good place to get something to eat. Unfortunately there are only very few restaurants to choose from. The one we chose didn’t have much food to offer but mostly Chinese / Asian type of snacks. Needless to say we are very disappointed. Perhaps the airport management can add more restaurants in order to provide better choices for passengers especially to those who have long layovers waiting for connecting flights to continue their journey.


It beat Singapore?—no friggin way. Fish head curry vs. some rice lunchbox?

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This is nonsense. TPE is a convenient airport to get on and off your flights, but terrible to connect or spend ur time at. Food is abysmal, basically only maccas, BK and mos… Terminal 2 is the worst. What the hell is radical storage? Some website against Ikea globalised boxes???


Looks like yet another business generating nonsense content to promote their product (luggage storage).

This particular bullshit list seems to be mostly number of options plus price, with smaller contributions from Google review ratings and the numbers of vegan and gluten-free options. I guess that’s measuring… something…? :man_shrugging: But it mostly seems to be about generating content for publicity purposes.

The index uses the following data points and weighting to review which airports have the best food offering:

  • Number of eateries (restaurants and cafés) available to passengers (3x weight)
  • Average price of a main meal or lunch item ($) in each airport (3x weight)
  • The average rating of eateries on Google Maps (2x weight)
    • Scored by the average rating per customer review
  • Number of eateries that offer vegan and vegetarian options (1x weight)
  • Number of eateries that offer gluten-free options (1x weight)

The data points were then scored against all airports (out of 10) and those with the highest average score across all categories were ranked higher.

@OysterOmelet seems to be a big fan of these pro-Taiwan-but-not-very-meaningful lists. No idea how they manage to find them all.


Don’t agree with Taoyuan, but ATL really has excellent dining: Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, Five Guys and even a Krispy Kreme, where you can grab a dozen for the flight.

Decent noodle.options. Relatively plentiful seating for food. I much more confused how ATL made the list.

obviously made by someone who has never had to eat there.


More likely to be #3 from the bottom.


There’s a sort of faux bistro place that’s not bad, and a good draft-beer stand, but everything else is either (a) crap or (b) all front and no substance. And the range of choice, as mentioned, is pitiful. To be fair I think most of the operators were screwed over by “restrictions”, and nobody wants to do business there anymore in case it happens again.

I’d even put MNL T3 ahead of TPE for food options.


I don’t have a clear memory of MNL because I’ve only passed through on the way to and from Palawan, although it was a long transfer on the outward leg and I had the chance to wonder around for a few hours. It’s definitely not stuck in my head as a place of only dismal options though, and looking through my photos now we stopped at a decent coffee and cake place and I had a reasonably priced smoothie (both look to have been T3 also). I remember getting some decent lechon from Cebu Airport or perhaps just outside. :yum:

I’d also put KUL and BKK way ahead of TPE, though the last time I went through BKK everything seemed considerably more expensive than I remember from before COVID (even for an airport) and I didn’t bother buying anything.

I like some of the arts and crafts shops but the food? Outranking Singapore? My goodness.

Would never agree with the ranking! There are plenty of airports were food is WAY better than at Taoyuan International airport!

That Burger King is the greatest Burger King in all of the ROC. It’s better than the Burger King on Heping / Tunhwa, for example.

I really mean it. Twenty-five years ago when I still put that shit into my body, I loved the Burger King in the airport. Because it meant that I was leaving Taiwan, for a day at least, and that was always a happy experience.

I have no emotional connection to any other Burger King in this world, and thus I tend to agree with the assertion of Taoyuan Airport as the world’s third best food destination.

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Those are your options. Any places you have tried that were any good?

I swear I saw these guys up in the mezzanine dining area of Terminal 2 after clearing security / immigration:

興波咖啡桃園機場Simple Kaffa Taoyuan Airport

Am I missing seeing this in @hannes 's list?


Terminal 2 is definitely a lot better than Terminal 1. If I have time I generally wander over there for something to eat. Some of those names I don’t recognise at all though - I wonder if this list is out-of-date and some of them no longer exist?

Singapore and Doha are nice airports (#1 and #2), and I really like Helsinki’s airport (#12 best)


Finally something more realistic. They’re usually rated like number one or at least in top five