Alcohol in Taiwan

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I’ll be in Tainan next summer (first time ever in Taiwan) and I was curious what the drinking culture is like. I became familiar with baijiu some years ago, is it also commonly drank in Taiwan? My Taiwanese friend gave me a sample of some kaoliang she had on hand here in America, but said she and her friends all prefer drinking beer. Furthermore, what types of liquor/beer are exclusive to Taiwan that I need to try during my stay?

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Extensive thread on beers :beers: in Taiwan below:

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You should try kaoliang and other white liquors (maybe the aborigine 3 in 1- rice wine, canned milk, and canned coffee), but all these drinks might not really be your thing (I’m not excited about any of it). In this case, just go crazy with the local beer, craft beers, etc.

If you like scotch, maybe try a good bottle of Kavalan (their good stuff isn’t cheap, though). Maybe visit their distillery in Yilan and sample some of their whiskies.

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Usually by the older generations boomers and older.

Wisbih- Juicy Fruit in a glass, but with a kick.


They have many American beer and liquors here , jim beam (japan owned) at my spot is 288nt a 1/5th… my friends in seattle are jelly

Nothing Taiwanese is drinkable.

EDIT: Kavalan whisky can be OK if you’re prepared to pay over the odds.

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Taihu brewery is good shit

Its not amazing but the 18 days beer is ok with me


Just dont expect it to be cheap. its not insane, but not cheap.

Though agood 5 litliter of kaoliang moonshine for a grand.will et you started with the locals right quick. you can follow your nose to find the illegal distillers in the countryside. Its not a super common thing to see, but its common.

Tunnel 88 cave on Matsu islands is kind of cool. If China doesnt bomb them, its worth a look.the

Medicine stuff is fun for a buzz. But really, some betel nut with beers and your happy as anything :slight_smile:

Taiwanese rum is drinkable, for amber rum. Only passable liquor made on the island (yes, Kavalan, but it’s insanely expansive for the quality), and they don’t make much of it, for all the sugar cane.

Use for cooking.

This one gave me a laugh the other day.

That’s true! Since I started drinking Kavalan, my waist line has expanded substantially.

Why not ask your Taiwanese friend?

Sound like she is in America… possibly out of touch with current tw drinks?

And I bet your wallet area has shrunk proportionately.

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All rum with Coca-Cola hides the taste. Viva Formosa Libre!

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Are you saying the only reason they are good is because they add sugar? Shhh, youre giving away the national strategy for world domination!

Needs more lipstick.