Beer Alert & Directory V - Roaring 20s edition

Cheap Beer, less than NT$20 per can (if you get 3). (From Spain) at Simple Mart in KHH. Simple Mart has decent budget drinks. (Not the place to buy high end brands)

I’ve had that a few times. Not bad. I think I’ve tried just about everything at Simple Mart (maybe even that “Slots” next to the Burge). But that’s the problem with the place (for me at least), I think I’m sick of all that they have on offer there. Maybe I’ll go again around summer time as they have a couple of nice imported summer beers.

On sale at Carrefour for 39 nt. But my wife gets these prices wrong sometimes. Very good.


What about the pils on the left in your photo. Is that a red ribbon I see? Is it, too, cheap?

This one?[quote=“bojack, post:1387, topic:27443, full:true”]
What about the pils on the left in your photo. Is that a red ribbon I see? Is it, too, cheap?

Almost as cheap, I wonder in it’s home country is much cheaper?


My husband and I had a good laugh over some really terrible beers from Simple Mart. We like to get out the little beer glasses and taste. We were wondering if the beers were rejects from their respective countries. If you are on Untappd, you know about the need to try new beers especially on Thursdays.


On sale at Carrefour for 39nt. Very nice. Better than Hop Thief by the same brewery.


Speaking of discounts: I’m waiting for the discounted leftover gift boxes after CNY to stock up on whisky for the year.

Last year I bought half a pallet. The wife was somewhat displeased when that got delivered.


My wife loves the free cups.

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There’s no way they can sell a beer at that price. Seriously?

Also, here’s a question for the drinkers among us: Which tipple is the most expensive in terms of alcohol per volume:

a) vodka
b) beer
c) wine
d) fortified wine

Obviously you’re all going to get it right, but it is interesting.

My wife says it was the price. Normally 79nt. Just three days ago.

And beer? Most expensive.

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You’re spot on with beer.

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Bought a Hoegaarden today at 全聯 (or whatever the spelling is), almost forgot how good this beer is.
Funny I never had that beer anywhere other than my home town, the first sip teleported me to my favorite pub back in 2005.
Proust’s madeleine moment is very real :grinning:

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I used to like a couple on tap with my pizza.

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The beer selection at my Carrefour’s blows. Just some generic German wheat beers and Bud and Asahi.

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I would probably never ever ever pick that but based on this recommendation Maybe

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My wife tells me they’re all gone now at the Xizhi Carrefour. I like a really light ale. Summer beers. Some years ago, this was my favorite beer:

It’s no longer my favorite, but it’s this kind of a taste that I would still consider ideal. For something that is made locally, this is an example of an ideal beer for me:

So I guess I like very flavorful ales that have more a light taste. I don’t know how to better explain the taste that I’m after. And I know not everybody would agree that this is the best taste in a beer.

Edit: Having said all that, what else should I try that’s available here in Taiwan?

Good deal, got some here in Kaoshiung ! Shows how much Aussie taxes add to the cost as Taiwan’s tax is so much less. Also I like the Pale Ale !

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I spent some time in Kona. It’s a shame they don’t import more Kona Brewing Co beers. I really like the wailua wheat (lillikoi, passion fruit, 百香果)and the Coco brown.


Went to Carrefour to celebrate the end of the semester. The beers suck at mine, so I had to settle for passable Japanese brews like Asahi. No IPAs for me. :disappointed: But it’s at least better than Heineken, I suppose.

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