All the recent foreigner drug busts

I’ve got plenty of land away from prying eyes and I could probably get away with it, but I’m not STUPID enough to pull a stunt like this.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

These are not ‘Christmas star’ plants (poinsettia)!

I’ve heard rumors about busts among locals doing this kind of operation being way up, and about the cops filtering internet activity in buying or investigating related materials as leads.

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And that’s fine. I’m just saying that, with sufficient incentive, some people will choose to go the other route.

The “prison route”? Let’s call Matty and get his take on the issue at hand.

14 years in…worth it or not? Hmmm.

Matty wasn’t growing (not that it makes any difference)

Yeah…so a grower should really get the book thrown at them.

But,of course…only if it’s a foreigner. Taiwanese…slap on the wrist.

By the by…what happened to the Canadian Taiwanese citizen who imported all the gummies and other edibles in his luggage? Did he actually get any prison time? I missed it or since his surname was Wang, Lee, Chen, it just wasn’t important news anymore.

No, not necessarily - the “making lots of money” route. I’ve no idea who Matty is.

Don’t get me wrong - it’s fantastic that you’re such an upstanding member of society who’s willing to acquiesce to and support whatever a particular government decides irrespective of the logical foundation of that, but not everybody is. I couldn’t care less whether these people grow marijuana or not - as you say, they played a game and lost, but it’s not my problem and I don’t judge them for it.

I’m desperately lobbying my NZ friends to vote Yes in the referendum tomorrow. It’d be really sweet to be able to go home next year and buy weed over the shop counter.

I’m a huge cannabis user. Smoke it, vape it and consume edibles. However, only in my home State of Washington. In fact, I would have to say that I spark up within 5 minutes of arriving at my residence back in the US.

But, I never touch the stuff here because doing it in Taiwan is just plain risky and stupid.

If Taiwan ever changes the law about recreational use of Cannabis, I’ll be the first to blaze up on the beach right after a good surf session!


Like Texas, they will legalize gay marriage before they legalize marijuana.

Oh wait…

At least the plants look healthy this time.

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How about a link or a searchable term to find this story on the internet cuz I’ve never heard it and sounds like a Matthew McConaughey movie script.


June 2011

I love that Hawaiian shirt. It just screams 80’s drug smuggler.

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