All you can eat Restaurants?

Any restaurant in Taiwan with All you can eat option?

Taiwan Buffet

Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy


Most of the high-end hotels have all-you-can-eat buffets.

There definitely are some high end ones in downtown Taipei. I don’t remember the name but there’s one really expensive one

Edit: it’s called the kitchen table and us located at the w hotel in xinyi

Most hot pot places too.

ya there are loads of them. hot pot, bbq, seafood, you name it. Quality is as expected for profitability.

I used to like those all you can eat and drink 300nt places, but damn did it feel bad afterwards! probably 400now for the beer option.

Two of my favourite all-you-can-eat places have closed down in the last few months. However, since I’m banned from the gym and inflation is eroding my salary, I have little need to eat large meals and less ability to pay for them anyway. I’m sure that’s for my own good.

Still, I’d be interested to know if there are some all-you-can-eat places below the NT$3000 price range.

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The one I mentioned is about 2,000

There are two all you can eat pizza huts in Taipei…

Must be different than the Taiwan buffet I eat at. Those are lunchbox style and a woman guestimates how much your box is worth. They are decent though because they’re a huge selection.

Plenty of hot pot and buffets with an you can eat though. Not hard to find.

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Are they still doing the whole you need to wear a mask if unvaccinated at the gym? Did you tell them why you are quitting?

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Unless anyone knows differently, the policy hasn’t changed.

As it happened my membership had only a month or so to run, and I’m so used to being nickel-and-dimed by COVID policy I just shrugged and let it expire rather than waste time arguing the toss.

Haven’t done any proper exercise for months, and it shows. The CECC cares about you!

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Do you know of any good hotpot restaurants north of Taipei Main Station? I notice the ones that have closed still show up on Google maps.

Cheap and decent IMO


Ma La huo guo(the chain not the type of hot pot) is my fave. The buffet /drinks / haagen daz ice cream area is always fun. If you go to the old style ones there’s even more stuff like glasses of wine, cakes, fruit etc.

I had a look in a chain called noble steak the other day that looked like it had a ton of buffet extras, could be good for a laugh.

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300 or 3000?

under 3000 should be easy as anything, even now. But as always, reflects quality.

Couple months ago I was delayed on a meeting in Pingtung city. bored, hungry, hot and annoyed i went to the newer mall. all you can eat pizza, 400. they have soups, chicken, fries, noodles, soda, ice cream. all the junk food that is normally available. I inhaled 4 pizzas and felt like shit till the next day :slight_smile: the morning shit was no joke :hugs:


good point. a lot of tie ban (what are those called in english?), hot pot, steak noodles etc have quasi all you can eat at the drink/dessert bar.

That one is good too if I’m remembering correctly, but you need to order everything plate by plate, right?

Noble Steak is gross IMO.

Teppanyaki :slightly_smiling_face:

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