Alternatives to Taiwan for expats who love Taiwan (but don't love the pay)

Did you make an appointment or did you walk in?

You need to make an appointment for stuff like this. They tell you what the number is and you can see online what number is being called at the moment.

What about UK? Sure, it doesn’t rank highly on food, friendly people, beautiful girls, low cost of living, good weather or world-class health service, but it does have well paying jobs and a vibrant expat life.


Made an appointment 2 days before. Stupidly didn’t believe 187 really meant I was the 187th patient in line. Made an appointment for the next night, at 10.30 pm I got bored waiting and went home. I’ll wait for the gall bladder to burst and then present at emergency. Should be less of a queue.

Make it a week ahead or something. There are other hospitals or doctors if you don’t absolutely have to see that one.


Oh, the darts games at the foreign managed pubs!


Or you can go bust as an alternative.

Are there actually statistics on foreigners that committed suicide?

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How easy is that for those of us who don’t speak Chinese well, or aren’t married to someone who does? Not very, I’m guessing. Also, as I understand it, one needs either to be married, earn an APRC, or have substantial startup funds. I’ve got great business plans, but no ability to start one, and it will be years before I could save the money to put into it, and then, is it worth the risk?

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I think you are abusing the word appointment :slight_smile:

You can call and book in, but trying to predict when your number is up is tricky. Same ‘appointment’ system as mainland China…

What hospital did you try to book an appointment?

As far as I know Veterans General hospital in Shipai has a system that tells you what your number is right when you book it, and you can also check online to see what number it is on right now. I don’t know about other hospitals.

There are also numerous clinics that have much less people waiting to see a doctor.

And US healthcare quality is GREAT, if you can afford it that is. Like paying 1000 dollars a month for insulin.

You can try ESL teaching in Japan, Korea, Singapore, HK or Vietnam if you can’t hack it in Taiwan. All have their own problems though, and some may be more problematic than Taiwan in many respects. I’m not including mainland China as an alternative for obvious reasons..

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A few people I know really enjoy Ho Chin Min City.

There you go putting the letter U in the word color.

Quality of life in Asia: Singapore
High salaries: HK

I’ll take waiting a couple of hours in a busy hospital where I will receive the care I need over waiting months or years for an appointment or paying premium and gambling they will deem me worth enough to live.

I can choose thousands of small clinics and big hospitals and that is not limited by my wallet. As a foreigner, I also earn more to pay premium and do not mind paying into NHI. I’d rather pay NHI and know I can use it any time and feel good that my contribution helps others. But I am also a soft hearted hippie who picks up stray animals on the street and pays for stranger’s kids to have books and school supplies.


U[quote=“homersimpsun, post:33, topic:182351, full:true”]
There you go putting the letter U in the word color.

Without us British peeps adding some colourful humour the place may be dull .
Although BJ has the honour of only having an honorary British title (as a favour) .
I know you like to be the centre of attention sometimes, but we are all neighbours and should vigourously embrace a more colourist language.
You are still my favourite ; although not my saviour , the spectre of socialism worries me and seems full of theatre and dark manoeuvres as it moves away from the centre. I shall resist with every fibre .


If you want good salary, happy life in taiwan it is almost always accomplished by opening your own company. For hard works who can think critically, Taiwan is hard to beat to be honest.

Good to know. Successful own business pays off every where. I rather be somewhere with fresh air to start with it.

But I agree with you.

Taiwanese labour, which is decently skilled, is willing to work hard and long for low/average pay. As capitalist you gotta love it

there are also less barriers to starting a business, startup cost is lower because there are less compliance costs. But Taiwan is a crappy place to be hired by anyone…

Unfortunately not everyone has the business acumen to run a company. If I tried to open a foreigner bar everyone would be getting food poisoning