Am I being lowballed on the salary? ☹️

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So I’ve decided to take the plunge and relocate from UK for work. Lots of exciting opportunities here on this side of the world. Anyway I’m negotiating a salary and wanted some advice.

I am currently being offered,
Base salary of 100,000
(Annual bonus of 15%)

I only have 2 years of experience but the company is a large multinational corporate.

Is the salary quite low from what we see for foreign nationals coming into taipei? I should also note that I am expected to make student loan repayments to my home country at a rate of 5000 NT$ per month (variable on salary). I expect to be working pretty long hours so I would want my pay to at least reflect that. Am I being greedy considering the expat market or is this reasonable? If you don’t mind me asking, what would you recommend I try to negotiate my salary towards? Would 1.5 million Taiwanese a year be more reasonable?

Any advice would be welcome!

I do not live in Taiwan, but I am considering moving there, but I will write what I think based on the research I made:

To have only 2 years of experience, does not sound bad, specially considering the apartment is involved, and you have a 15% annual bonus.
Are you being transferred from your company or are you a new hire with a TW contract?
Maybe you can try to push the base a little bit higher, include a flight ticket, or something like that.

What’s the housing allowance?

Getting your foot in the door and solid international experience with a multinational, apartment paid for and good salary for living on in Taiwan , I think it’s not too bad. At this stage of your career it may be a good choice.


Is this off shore wind?

Assuming you are still young and not married, this should be a decent opportunity.
You will be able to save most of the salary, if you don’t spend it on a lavish party life or girlfriend.

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Thanks dtan for your response.

Housing allowance is 82.5k a month Taiwanese dollars so it will be comfortable living I think? I’ve heard the rent in Taipei can be quite high similar to other Asian cities. No flights included atm.

Does pushing on the base to 1.5 from 1.2 seem greedy considering where I am in my career?

Actually O&G

Thanks for your response! Is it that expensive having a significant other in Taipei? Eating out, date nights etc?

Living cost in Taiwan are very cheap.

Some Asian girlfriends might have high demands :laughing:


So they’re paying extra $82k/month for housing? That seems great.


With 82,5K a month of house you can live like a king, get a super fancy apartment, save 50-60% of your salary and enjoy your life like you never did, really.
82500 is a great allowance even for SG standards.

Just go.
How old are you?

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Judging from the responses from yourselves i understand now it’s a good offer. Thanks for the reassurance.

I am 27 but no real savings up until now. Have been working on a graduate salary in the UK for the past two years. Hopefully in Taipei, I can start to save.

On an unrelated note, which forum would be best to discuss tax implication as a UK expat to Taipei? Is it business?

You should be able to save around 1.2k pounds a month on that salary, very comfortably, and live in a high end, fancy apartment.
Will be fun, easier to do home parties, enjoy with girls, etc…
And you have the right age.

Good luck and enjoy!


Yeah ask them where do you sign lol.


Can I be your maid?

Jesus, 82k housing allowance? I paid 8k rent for my first 15 years here.


That’s a pretty respectable salary in most professions.


A 100,000 NT a month salary with an 82,000NT housing allowance? That’s a beyond excellent offer! You’ll be living large. Do let us know if your company has job vacancies.


Sounds like a pretty sweet deal. But they are going to want your blood at this company when you get there.

You’re gonna be just fine living on that stack of cash. Hopefully you’ll like the job and the city.

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Thank you! And will do- I’m very junior so won’t have much leverage in the way of name dropping but if you message me your field of work etc I’ll keep an eye out