Amazon Alexa App in Taiwan

Hi, I’m thinking of sending an Amazon Echo from US to my nephew in Taiwan. Will there be a problem for him to use it there? I read somewhere that the Amazon Alexa App, which is required for setting up Echo, is not available in Taiwan. Is this true?

Thanks so much in advance!!

I’d suggest asking your nephew if he can see the Amazon app in his app store.

I live in Taiwan and had Amazon Prime previously and I could not find the Amazon Music APP in the google play app store in Taiwan. But if I used a VPN and changed to the USA ip address then i could download it and use it in taiwan without issue (and without a VPN).

So it is quite possible that the app might not show up in the APP store, but I do see Amazon Alexa in the google play app store (i’m in Taiwan)

(And just fyi, the google Home machine works fine in Taiwan)

Without a VPN, Amazon Prime also doesn’t work in Taiwan. If you pass to Amazon a US ip address, you are golden. If Amazon receives a Taiwan ip, you’re down.

Thanks for all the replies. I really appreciate it.

Was a thread earlier about this.