Amazon thinks Taiwan is China

I buy from Amazon often.
This is the first time I have seen them list Taipei, China.

Seriously hoping my package does not end up in China.


I would assume they just display the information the shipping company provides them.

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This is an ongoing problem. I’ve had packages from some companies sent first to my parents, who then repackage and pass it on to me because I’m not even sure if the post office will recognize an address like ‘Kaohsiung, Province of China.’ Those petty CCP bastards are probably pressuring companies one by one to do that or threatening to cut off business with them altogether is my guess.


I have had UPS packages sent to Thailand by mistake.


Considering it is sold and shipped through Amazon, it is Amazon’s obligation to see the transaction all the way through from payment to delivery. They are well aware of what they display on their customer interface and should be held accountable for that. No passing the buck or blame.

I’ve contacted their support. Will see what happens.



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Nahh. That’s just UPS or Fedex.

Surprisingly, Amazon just contacted me…less than an hour since I emailed them. Good on them for that.

They shipped it with ECMS Express.

Looked them up…
low and behold…


You can always request ECMS and SF Express to blacklist you.

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Go on…
tell me more…
what is this shipping blacklist trick you speak of?

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Just call them and ask.

It’s that simple.

so you can ask them to refuse shipment to you so Amazon will be forced to default to another carrier?
I wonder if it will affect Amazon’s free shipping offer on orders if I force them through a different carrier.

Yeah. Just tell SF/ECMS that you don’t want to do business anymore and would like to have your address blacklisted from future deliveries.

Very few people have done it and the Taiwanese government isn’t in any hurry to ban improper use of the country’s name on packages. So it’s likely to confuse a few people when shipping. But yea. It’s the only way to boycott a shipping company.

I also ask security guards to reject mail heading towards ‘china’ and make it super clear to sellers if my address contains the word ‘China’, negative feedback will be left.

A lot of foreigners are not applying the thinking from home to here. I do. It’s the same reason why I say dollars and not NT Dollars. I live in Taiwan!


As long as they don’t specify which china, they’re perfectly in line with the self imposed policies of all 3 regions - US, RoC, P-RoC

First problem.

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Hard to beat their deals with free shipping to Taiwan. I can get many things you can’t get in Taiwan for very good prices, especially if you take advantage of Prime Day sales.

Example: I bought a box of 16 Gillette Fusion Blades for $6 USD. Just one 4 pack costs 3 times that in Taiwan.


Ya. It’s the problem of crap e-commerce companies like PChome24h, ruten etc. not mine

There’s only one China. And Taiwan is not part of China.

This is how most people see it.

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But ECMS is really fast. I usually get their packages from Amazon in less than a week, sometimes only a few days.

Funnily, all my orders just say “TPE,” with no country behind it.

Sovereignty isn’t worth convenience. Shipping is a different beast than most services and this is the only way to vote with your wallet.

That’s the airport.