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By “the clown in the office,” I assume you’re referring to that insufferable host on The Daily Show. You should really stop watching that stuff. It rots your brain.


You should stop distracting and reply to the question.
You know who I meant by the clown. Clowns usually have red hair and they tend to covfefe.


I honestly didn’t see any question there.

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Why don’t you ask the clown in the office.

My bad, I forgot the question mark.
On for daddy, one for mommy, one for your uncle and one for you.
Why don’t you ask the clown in the office???


Did you notice Trump’s shoulder shrug at 2:18?
Do you know what it indicates?


Why should the US take the lead in anything? Why should anyone look to the US for anything? If the current administration wants to remove tax subs for wind and solar and remove environmental regs for coal, then so be it. If the administration wants to tax Netflix out of existence to bring back Blockbuster, so be it.

Does the current administration have the balls to step up to an expanding China, or Russia?
If Russia made a move on Europe (Putin hates NATO and the EU, both targets of Trump rage), would the US step in? If China made its move on Taiwan, would the US step in? Should it? Could it?


That’s a lot of ignorance combined into one post. Congratulation!
You are officially the new master of covfefe here.

I only reply to this one right now. If Putin makes a move on Europe, there will be more Nukes involved then all the other countries own combined.
If you survive, you’ll spend the rest of your live as a tunnel rat.

It’s really frightening how clueless and ignorant people here are on this site.


You did not call me a “snowflake” or “cuck”, I am impressed.

Care to elaborate?


Why would I want to use terminologies which don’t have a standard urban dictionary definition?

I call you covfefe! Like everything else you Trumpster have to say
I think, this says it all. The perfect modern terminology for all this craziness. COVFEFE


Oh. Shit. You think I am a Trumpite? Are you serious!?
I guess I sell my sarcasm better than anyone alive.


Sarcasm doesn’t work in the age of covfefe!
It all becomes real and alternative facts.


Well, the rights new poet laureate announced that people have the right to disagree with facts.

(actually, that little nugget has been floating around for at least 30 years. since rush limbaugh has been on the air.)

And in all seriousness, I doubt Trump would do anything if Russian moved on Europe, or China moved on Taiwan. I think all sides know that.


Americas missiles are already stationed in Europe. If Russia moved on Europe, it would automatically trigger a response since any move would be a move on the US defence.


I’m sure these climate treaties are about giving money to businesses and governments with “green energy” interests or infrastructure development. Likely the first world countries have taken money from governments or companies to develop third world countries (e.g. they sell their product to them) or build technology in their countries with cheap labor.

The first world countries subsidize these companies. Politicians and business executives get rich. Follow the money. That’s usually what it is all about.


This thread was destined to become a flamewar. It was probably intended.

As long as we’re all being silly, may as well have more music:


It’s called NATO.

Look it up.


The response will not be automatic. Individual actors may react on their own accord.


Bollocks, NATO security alliance will protect all members.
Article 5 of the Treaty.

That’s the deal.


NATO is commanded by an American general. He cannot act without authorization from the US president. The current usurper in chief is, at best, antagonistic towards NATO members.

Everyone kind of just glossed over the China takes Taiwan comment like that is a foregone conclusion.


Read the terms of the NATO treaty.